Friday, March 09, 2007

Scrapjacked #4, My scrap space and a top 10

I haven't done much scrapping this week. I know.. what is wrong with me? :) The crazy thing is that I just haven't been in much of a mood to. I'm so anxious to have my scrap space done and set up that I feel like I can't scrap until that space is ready to go. I have so much stuff piled up on my foyer table and the extra card table I set up, that I just don't really want to mess with it. So that's all the more motivation to get the room done quick! We are finishing up the declutter and purge tomorrow, so that will be a huge step in the right direction. I did finish up my scrapjacked page.

I stamped the "sweet girl" with a new set of foam stamps I got at Hobby Lobby for $4. Wasn't sure how I would like them but I really do!

Browsing around the internet tonight and Jamie sent me a link to look at another gal's scrap space and she had this list on her site. Some of these are just too funny because they are so true.

Top 10 Reasons You might be a scrapbooker...

10. Your baby's first word is "Cheese".

9. You've ever staged a photograph just so you can use that cute new embellishment you just got.

8. You see your family more through the pictures you scrap than in real life.

7. You've never sewn a piece of clothing in your life, but you buy a mini sewing machine just to sew on your scrapbook pages.

6. You're disappointed when you get gift certificates to your favorite clothing store instead of the scrapbook store.

5. You buy your child a new outfit just to match the new patterned paper you just bought.

4. Your family can't find a place to eat because the table is full of scrapbooking supplies.

3. Your 4-year-old knows the difference between a brad and an eyelet.

2. You evaluate how good a family outing is by the number of scrapbook pages you can create from it.

1. Your husband asks you in the morning "Who is Bazzill? You were talking in your sleep last night ... Is it another man?"

Number four is really making me laugh because didn't I just tell yall about stuff being piled up in there? You can barely see the surface of our table!

I entered Natalie in the cutest baby contest. Found out from Laura that there are over 600 entries. If by some chance she makes the top 10 I will let you guys know so you can go vote for her. Hope you're having a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

Well. i will vote for her only if my cutest baby doesn't make the top ten! LOL! Have a great day!

The Brown Klan said...

I will vote for Natalie if she gets in the top 10. They actually said on the radio yesterday morning that the ones in the album were the first ones entered. I can't believe that though because I did not enter Kendall until like Wednesday and if there are that many entries there is no way. I did see Natalie too. I guess maybe we have the "cutest" babies!

Jamie said...

Love that new picture of Natalie!

Yes, that list is too funny!

Good luck with the declutter and purge this weekend. Be sure to take some pictures for us.

yoderworld said...

I LOVE that layout!! I'm so jealous about your scrap space. That's AWESOME! All my stuff gets piled up on our air hockey table in the basement and Brian considers the basement HIS space so he doesn't much care for that fact that my scrapbook stuff ends up all over the place!
Have fun decluttering the place.
By the way, Jarrod, Handy? Wow, who would have ever guessed it???

Robyn said...

Leah, that list is totally cracking me up. I think I AM a scrapbooker! I will definately vote for cute little Natalie!

Dawn Bibbs said...

That top 10 list is HILARIOUS!!! Us scrappers are quite a rare breed, aren't we? Love it!!!

I also really like the LO you did. Thanks for sharing.

So, are you going to share pix of your new space when it's done? Hope so, can't wait to see it!

Mom said...

Looks like Natalie is saying,"Is that you grand Mommy?
look at her. I am sure that is what she is saying.
Check with her ped. Dr and see what he says about shingles and her. I read today that you are only contagious to those whohave had Chicken pox??? any one know?
I am about to go into melt down over here... its been a week since I seen her... love ya, Mom AKA Grand Mommy

Amy Mowbray said...

Love that list! Too cute.
And Natalie is wearing such an appropriate outfit. She is a cutie!

Cheryl Wray said...

The pictures and the layout are gorgeous--as always!!!
And I LOVE that list. Tee hee!!

Joyous said...

adorable pictures!