Thursday, November 30, 2006

Family Pic

John absolutely hates getting his picture taken. I bet you can't tell it in this picture can you? LOL This was just a spur of the moment picture that I decided to take before we went grocery shopping this afternoon.

I may have mentioned before that John's 12 hour days work schedule allows him to be off some weekdays. I'm very lucky to be married to a man that doesn't mind going to the grocery store with me. This has been specially helpful since Natalie has been born. I've made small runs to the store by myself with her, but haven't done any major grocery shopping with just the baby as of yet. She normally sleeps any time we go out so I don't anticipate it being a big deal but I still appreciate him going with us. I'm terrible about making a good grocery list. We always have the same cycle of meals and I'm going to try real hard to start branching out and cooking some different things.

Ok so attempt number two at a family pic turned out a litle better. I don't know how in the world we got Natalie to look straight at the camera. That will probably never happen again! :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some Layouts and an Update

I can't beleive it's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted anything. Time flies when you're having fun, and even when your not. I'm just getting over a terrible stomach virus that's going around. So far John and Natalie haven't gotten it. Hopefully they won't because it is terrible and I especially couldn't bear to see my baby sick with that stuff. On a more positive note we had a good thanksgiving. We had lunch at my great Uncle's. He has a house on the river so it's a beautiful setting for our huge family gathering. That evening we went over to the other side of the family to visit with my Dad's sisters and brothers. There have been 3 babies born this year. Here are all the pround grandma's with their grandbabies.

Over the last couple weeks I've gotten a couple of pages done. I've gone a little crazy over the acrylic stamps. (Thanks Telah and Heather.. I am totally blaming you 2 for that :-)

The "Daddy's Hands" layout is stamped with an alphabet set by Autumn Leaves, and the other page is stamped with a smaller alphabet set by MSE! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Look what I did!

I got a little bit of time to scrapbook tonight after I put Natalie to bed. I'm so happy with this layout. I do have to say that I totally scraplifted it from someone but I have no idea who. I saved the image months ago while browsing around the internet. So if by some chance you're looking at the layout and thinking "hey, thats my design" leave me a comment and I will give you credit. :)

I still need to finish up my baby shower pictures but I was just dying to do my first page with Natalie in it. There's a weird glare on the picture and it's a little crooked, but that because I don't have a scanner big enough to scan layouts so I have to take pictures of them. The flash makes a really bad glare so I take them at an angle with the overhead light on. Any of you gals that scan your pages.. what kind of scanner do you have?

We were on the go again today. John was off work so we went out for lunch, took Natalie to see all the gals up in Pre-Op where John used to work, and then went grocery shopping. Natalie is such a trooper when we go out. I think she likes it better than staying at home. Tomorrow we are meeting Telah for lunch and then some major scrapbook supply shopping. Hope everyone is having a good day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bring on the sandman

One thing that Natalie seems to love to do is fight sleep. The strange part is when we go somewhere during the day she sleeps like a rock in her car seat for hours at a time. I even took her with me to scrapbook with the gals last Friday night and she slept for 5 hours! However when we are at home the past week or so, she doesn't sleep during the day for more than 15 or so minutes at at time. I really can't complain though because she does well at night once she initially goes to sleep. If she's gonna stay awake, I absolutely would rather her do it during the day.

Well today was another one of those days she wouldn't nap. She won't just sit for long either because she gets so tired she cries and wants to be held. So, this afternoon I decided I'd put her in her car seat and lo and behold she's been asleep for 2 hours. I was able to scrapbook some although I probably should have done some chores around this house. Guess I need to get the little girl up.. if she sleeps too long it will be a long night!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thank You SICU

Natalie and I went to the dentist today. My mom came along to watch the baby while I had my teeth cleaned. When we finished there we had about an hour to kill before going up to John's unit at the hospital for a baby shower they were giving him. To pass the time we went to this store where I got some of these and these. I also received this birthday gift last week from my friends. Hopefully I'll find some time to use what I bought soon!

For lunch we met John at work for his party. The unit had gone all out with all kinds of food. Thanks to everyone for the gifts. Natalie got some neat toys and we got several gift certificates to eat a various restuarants.

Monday, November 06, 2006

One Month Old

Natalie has really been on the go the past couple days. Yesterday was our first Sunday back at church with our little gal. It was good to finally get out for more than just a trip to the doctor's office and to feel like we're finally getting back to our normal weekly activities. After church my parents took us out to eat for lunch. Natalie did so good at the restuarant and slept the whole time. Then Sunday evening after church we went with our friend Jeff to eat Mexican. Natalie better get used to Mexican food, this Sunday night outing has been a tradition for some time now.

Then, this morning I had my check up appointment. John was working today, so this was my first outing with the baby by myself. She did so good. Once we finished at the doctor we went to Babies R Us and then met two of my good friends, Telah and Amy for lunch. What a busy couple of days.