Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back in the Swing

We are working on getting back into a routine around here. I just wanted to get today's activities documented. The girls did great with their work and there are always funny moments.

The math that Natalie worked on today:Her comment about the left side of the workbook.. "Why are they showing me?? I don't even have to think!!"

We did a lot of reading and then finished up with this book.
Afterward we started our first day of journaling. I just gave them some plain paper and told them to write or draw about what makes them happy.

When Abby was finished, I helped her with labeling her picture. In her words..
1. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
2. Playing in the sand on a warm sunny day.

And here is Natalie's. She decided to make a "book"

1. Going to church
2.Getting a baby brother and sister
3.Making Crafts
4.Going to Disney World

And because I don't want to leave the boy out, here's a pic I took of him a few days ago..
This was not the scene today when we were doing school however. He was into everything and all over the place. I've got to figure out some simple activities for him during this time. He was trying his best to color on everything in sight!
And yes, he is an Elmo fan. :)