Sunday, March 25, 2007

Photography 101

I have a lot to share from the weekend, but I don't have a lot of time to invest in that post right now. Got too much other stuff I'm trying to accomplish tonight before I hit the sack.. however, just had to share this..

I'm in the process of uploading photos as I type. Did a lot of scrapping this past week and needed to get another big order in so I have a good supply of pics. I was browsing through some older photos that I never got around to scrapping and ran across a couple of funny things. Let me just say that I am in no way, shape or form the greatest photographer. I've always enjoyed taking pictures, but sometimes the standard rules elude me. One of the main things I'm trying to work on is making sure I have a suitable background. Last summer John and I went to the beach with some friends of ours.. this is one of the pictures from that week.
Now, my good friend Jeff is an uber cool photographer. I've mentioned this before and there are some pics of John and I that he took back in my September archives if you're so inclined to go look. When he saw this picture he had quite a bit to say about it. Ok..ok.. so parking lots don't make the best back drop for fabulous beach pics. But here's the even funnier part.. take a look just to the right of John's feet and tell me what you see? I'm thinking some tenant forgot the handy pooper scooper when he took Fido out for a walk. Tell me how we didn't notice that? I mean, John almost stepped in it!

Scenerio number 2. My sweet cousin Katie got married a couple of years ago. I'd like to scrap a few pages of this occasion, so I was taking a look at the pics I had from that weekend. I found this great one that I think her mother took of us.

I have a hanger coming out of my head. Now take an even closer look. Can you tell what's on that shelf? One kids pair of blue jean shorts and.... some whitey tighteys. Yep.. a pair of underwear. Right on top of our heads. Lovely.


Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh how funny!!! Man if I knew then what I know now about taking photos. I would have a minor coniption if I went back and looked at some of my old picture taking days...LOL.

Too funny! Have a great week.

Jamie said...

That is too funny! Thanks for giving me a good laugh today.

jessi said...

LOL!!! until you pointed it out...never noticed the extra's in the photo's!!! glad you got some time in on the crop this weekend!!! you coming out to play at the one in May??? hope so!!

you did some great LO's from those challenges!! awesome!!

have a great day!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, the little "details" in the photos just cracked me up! Love it!

Amydc said...

Don't worry about that poop. Next time y'all go to the beach, just be a good samaritan & take along a pooper to help out all the pagans that leave their dogs poop in public to be stepped on by vacationers.

Amydc said...

That was supposed to say a pooper scooper. :)

Amy Mowbray said...

You are too funny! Email me the beach shot and I'll photoshop the poop.

Karla said...

Wow!!! I guess you are kinda right! (In a good way of course:) I never really thought about the backround but it is important. Girl you just made me more aware of that. Thanks really. But on the other hand...the pictures are sweet!

Chat soon

Kimberly said...

I have been trying to be aware of what is behind the kids when I take their picture now..It makes for a much better picture for scrapping with.Have a great day!

Charin said...

Ha ha!! :) How funny :)
I totally know what you mean, I've started trying to really focus on the person up close, I think it just makes the pictures better! (unless there's something behind them that you want to focus on of course)

~Telah said...

LOL...does Jeff know that he is an uber cool photographer?

Mom said...

I am so glad you have a picture of your trip to FL...Okay, not the best background (especially the fido's DNA) but you look so cute and even Natalie, :O after all it was her first trip to FL. At Least John did not step in it.. grin
Oh the Katie wed ding day picture is so adorable who cares? She is GLOWING in the dark beautiful!!! and you captured it! A good pointer from your uper photo taker. I think your learning a lot! I love it and YOU and NATALIE and lets not forget My precious and favorite Son in Law. I still can not make out these panties.. maybe its time for my eye check up?? Love to the Wright Trackers Mom