Friday, December 28, 2007

Top 10 Layouts of 2007

I have not scrapbooked in almost 3 months now. If you're a regular reader of my blog you know it's only because I just haven't felt like it. For most of this year scrapbooking was just about a daily thing for me. I completed somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 layouts this year. I got this idea to post my top 10 of the year from Bernadette.
Beauty: This was the very first layout I ever did with only ONE picture. This is my absolute favorite picture of Natalie just minutes after she was born, taken through the nursery window at the hospital by Telah. That is John's hand on her back, and I tear up just looking at it now. This picture deserved a page all it's own.

My Daughter's Eyes: At the beginning of this year is when I discovered the online world of scrapbooking. There was a new site that started up in January called Scrapjacked. They take a well known scrapbooker, find a page they like and lift it. Ali Edwards was the very first person to be "jacked" and this is my lift of her page. It was the beginning of my love for scrapbook challenge blogs.Automatic Bond: If you're a parent you know how much having a child changes your life. And you know how instantly you can feel such a deep, deep love.

Simplicity: This picture was taken on Father's Day, and though it may look staged, it wasn't. We were out on the porch taking some group photos and I just happened to catch this one in between group shots.

Miss You: This picture is the last one I took of our MeMaw. It was taken in June at my brother-in-laws wedding. She passed away in September. We miss her sweet smile and loved her so much.
Seek the Lord: My primary job and goal as a mother is to teach my children to love God and always put him first in their lives. I pray every day that I accomplish that as they grow.

Mother. May I: Another one that carries the same general thought as the previous layout. The journaling is talking to Natalie about the kind of mother I hope I'll be. Plus I just love these pictures of her.

Spider Baby: This is just a fun one, that I actually completed in about 15 minutes. I was trying the technique of putting stickers down, painting over it, and then removing the stickers. Just love the bright colors humor in this one.

Beautiful: Not much to say about this one that's not already said in the layout itself. Another moment I was so glad I caught with the camera.

Believe: This is one of the last layouts I did for this year, just shortly after we found out we're having another baby. It is such a blessing to have another child on the way after at one time thinking we may never be able to have children.

There you have it! It's been such a long time since I've had some pages in a post. The thought of scrapbooking isn't making me feel sick anymore. I have to say that was the weirdest 1st trimester side effect of them all. :) So hopefully I'll have lots of new pages to share in 2008.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Photo Overload

We had 5 days of Christmas, starting last Friday night. These are some of my favorite shots from the week. I am still struggling with figuring out my camera. I've probably said this before but I don't like the look of the built in flash. It washes everything out. But the problem without the flash is blurriness, bad lighting and shadows. Some of these pictures fall into those categories, but I still think I got some good pictures.

I bought Digital SLR photography for Dummies the day after Christmas, and have spent some time trying to understand how all the different settings work, so I can take better pictures. So I practiced today with Natalie. She is learning how to really ham it up for the camera. Todays goal was to conquer the blurriness. I took these in Manual mode, so even though the lighting is bad in, Natalie is not a blur.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday! 2008 is almost here!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa and Grandmommy

Just a couple more Christmas pics to share...

Last weekend, my mom and I went to a local Craft Fair to do a little Christmas shopping. When I saw Santa was there, I was so glad I had my camera with me. I just wish I had known, so I could of had Natalie in Christmas clothes, but a free picture with just go with it. She wasn't too sure about him but no crying took place.
And she loves her Grandmommy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meet Baby Wright #2

I am now officially 12 and a half weeks pregnant. While my energy level is not where I want it to be, I am beginning to feel some better. We got a great view today at the ultrasound. If you can't make it out, the baby is on it's back looking up. You should be able to make out the profile of the face on the right, and you can even see the little ear in the center. We saw two hands and two feet and everything is looking good. Even the second time around I am still just as amazed at God's handiwork.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O Christmas Tree

I have several Christmas-ey things to share. My plan is to post several times this week. I'm not making any promises given my track record the last couple months, but I'm gonna try.

We got our tree up a couple of weeks ago, and Natalie really enjoyed helping with the lights. I have no idea what I was saying to her in this first picture, but I'm guessing I was trying to keep her out of trouble.

It took us a few days, but we finally got it completely decorated. I don't have a full shot of the tree, but here's one of Natalie "just looking" at the ornaments.

Maybe I'll have some presents under there soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Just a quiet day at home, doing much of nothing. Which is all I feel like doing these days. This pregnancy is so very different than the first. I just generally don't feel well all day long, and it stinks. The thought of scrapping/crafting literally makes me sick, and I'm so ready for that to pass. Just a couple more weeks of this first trimester and hopefully things will take a turn for the better. I don't mean to complain, it could be worse, I'm just so ready to feel better. I promise I will make it around to everyone's blogs and get caught up before too long. Just wanted to let everybody know we are alive and well!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hodgepodge of Stuff

I know it's been a while since I posted. I'm basically just dealing with the extreme exhaustion and puny feeling that comes along with the first trimester. I've been hitting the sack pretty much as soon as I get Natalie in bed at night, so my internet time has been limited. I did get to scrap with the girls last Friday night... so here are a few pages.

A few other things since my last post..
For Halloween, Natalie was a dalmatian. I also had a minnie mouse outfit, so I dressed her up in that to get some pictures during the day. Then before church that night, we went to see PaPa and MiMi to hand out some candy.

Also last Friday John and I took Natalie to the park to feed the ducks. She really enjoyed that and was quite amazed at how much noise the geese could make.

Our nephew is spending the night tonight and I'm hoping to have enough energy to stay up and scrapbook while he and John play computer games.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall is Here!

First I want to say thanks to everybody for all the sweet comments and emails. You guys are the best. Hopefully I'll answer the handful of questions I got, in this post.
I am currently about 5 weeks, which makes the baby due in June. The official due date is June 29th. That will make Natalie and new baby about 21 months apart. It wasn't a surprise, we actually planned it. Some people have questioned my sanity. :) And I tend to agree with them some days when I've chased Natalie around all day, but I'm glad they will be close in age. I had some fertility issues when we were trying to get pregnant with Natalie, so we didn't want to put off trying for number two. We were pleasantly surprised that it happened so fast this time around!
We went to the doctor today although it was basically just to confirm that there is a baby growing in there. He did do an ultrasound, but because it's so early all we could see was the embryo sac. I go back in a couple of weeks for another ultrasound. The 1st trimester tiredness is already setting in, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good.

So what else have we been up to? This past weekend we went to Tate Farms. My boss and his wife took his employees and families to the local pumpkin patch. Natalie had an absolute blast. She rode in the corn train with Annessa, picked out a pumpkin in the patch, and played her little heart out in the corn bin. We took so many pictures! Here are just a few of my faves.