Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dresses, Messes and Miscellaneous Stuff

This week has just flown by! I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working and shopping at a local bi-annual consignment sale called Kids Market. I shopped for the first time at this event this time last year for maternity clothes. This time, I now have a child to shop for. I decided to work the event so I could go to the workers sale before it opens to the public. Let me just say it's crazy! Put 200 women in a store full of great deals and what else do you expect? I ended up with quite a few items and I won't bore you with pics of clothes and toys but I had to share this one dress.

Yes..someone smocked Roll Tide and no, Natalie won't be wearing this for Easter..that would just be too redneck..;) It's a 12 month size so she'll be able to wear it in the heart of football season this year. ROLL TIDE!! Let's hope the new coach can give us a winning season.

Telah, Amy and I all scheduled our worker hours together..I know what you're thinking..another parking lot picture..but this time its ok, because we are in the parking lot of the store (and there's no dog poop.) But don't you just love that blue car in the background? I think it's for sale if anyone's interested. LOL
Last weekend, as I mentioned before, I participated in an online crop. I had such a mess that at one point I was cropping my pictures with my trimmer in my lap. Just look at this mess.. this is where I scrap now, in my foyer. I will just say that I will be so glad when my table/desk is complete and I can move into my scraproom.

Also just had to share these pictures from this past weekend. Daddy (also known as John) has so much fun with his little girl. We eat at a local Mexican restaurant every Sunday night.Here she is doing the salsa dance. And look at that.. she's playing WoW! Actually she really was banging on the keyboard and watching the screen as John was playing but the camera was more interesting when I came over.


Laura Reaux said...

It is so nice to see other people's messes. Don't you think? It just makes me feel better. LOL

And my goodness... your baby girl is beautiful!

Jamie said...

Cute dress! We both went to Alabama but we say "War Eagle" at our house. I hope you girls found some good deals at the sale. You will have to let me know the details for next year.

Kimberly said...

That dress is so cute! Hope I find some good deals when I go tomorrow to shop. Natalie is growing up so fast.

gold said...

Oh such cute girl! I think that a cute dress.

Amydc said...

Natalie looks so cute on the table with Daddy Juan.

Alissa said...

Love that dress! I hope ya'll enjoy KM. I'm skipping this time, but hope to be in the groove next time.

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my goodness!!! Scout SO bad needs the Roll Tide dress! I LOVE it!!!
Great pics all around!
have a wonderful weekend!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

I'm not much of a college football fan, but that little dress is too cute.

So, how much you think they want for the Gremlin that's in the background of your picture? LOL (just kidding)

That picture of daddy and the baby is too cute. I have one like that of Jayla and her daddy. That computer is his "other woman" :-).

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.