Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fun

I wish so bad I had turned our overhead light on so that you could see this better. But some priceless video of Natalie..

She is moving all over the place now..not your traditional crawl, but more of a scooting army crawl. I imagine it won't be long until she figures out how to get all the way under the coffee table.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Picture Post

Just a quick post to share some pics for the family. My brother-in-law got married this past weekend. Of all the pictures I took, only a couple of them came out any good! I really would love an SLR camera that doesn't break the bank, so if any of you photo taking people have a suggestion, I'd love to hear what you recommend.

Here's the Bride!

And this is the Groom and his son. This pick was taken as the Bride was coming down the aisle.

And then a few more layouts to share...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Layouts

Got to play with my SIStv kit this weekend. Here are the layouts I did using the kit.

The one with no picture is for the latest scrapjacked challenge. I've never even thought about doing a page without a picture. At first I thought I would just skip this challenge, but I've participated in every jack since the site began, so after I thought about it, this was a perfect page to journal about some things going on with Natalie right now.

Hope you had a great weekend! Have more weekend update coming, so check back soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend Picture Recap

It was a very busy weekend at the Wright Household. Swimming, Birthday parties, and Father's Day. Friday my best friend from High School was in town. Her parents have a pool, so we spent the afternoon swimming. I didn't get a good pic of Natalie in the pool this time. (Keather you'll have to email some of the pics you took!) Her daughter is just about 6 weeks younger than Natalie and they had such a good time playing together.

Then on Saturday we had a birthday party to go to and Natalie drove her very first car!

She was wearing a sweet little Raggedy Ann outfit that was given to her as a gift. We tried to get some pictures of her in it and this was the result. That girl can make some of the funniest faces.
Then on Sunday we had a wonderful Father's Day. Natalie is blessed with the best father one could ask for. Daddy loves his little girl more than he ever thought possible! She's examining a flower in these pics. It may be a honeysuckle.. I'm not sure.

And then here are us girls with my dad and granddad. Natalie's granddad and Great granddad.

And then my personal fave.. It's hard work being a Granddaddy!! In scrappy news, my SISTV kit finally came! Hoping I get a chance to play with it tomorrow.
Hope you're having a great week!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I know the majority of my blog readers are women, but I still wanted to say Happy Father's Day! I hope you and your Father and/or your children's father had a great one!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nothing to Blog..

I haven't updated since the beginning of the week.. it's been a quiet week at home, so nothing just really exciting to share. I pulled a couple of pictures off my mom's blog to share. I love the candid shots like this.. no posing for the camera..just a moment caught. There's so much that's said in pictures like these. This is Natalie with her granddaddy and her uncle.

I sent in an order for the rest of my May pictures and what all I've taken this month. It was 120 pics. Did I say I was caught up? I had no idea I had taken that many pictures in a month and a half!

Completed a layout today for the latest OLW challenge. There's a story behind this which leads me to my tip for today. ALWAYS..ALWAYS cut out your rubons before putting them on your page. I know this...I've ruined layouts in the past and learned this the hard way. So why did I think I was gonna save time today by not cutting it out?...very big. stupid. mistake. I had to redo the whole page. Reprint the picture and everything. Messed up the surrounding Hambly rubons, which really breaks my heart because we don't have a local store that carries these. I was savoring every square inch of those things. Always cut them out. Always.
I guess I did pretty good to not having anything to say...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pages and Pictures

As promised, I have some pages to share. Most of these were for challenges and/or contests. I really enjoy participating in these. They help give me ideas and keep me motivated to get a good number of pages done. In fact, I'm almost completely up to date with my pictures. I have a few more pages to do from Easter and a few more from May. This blows my mind.. I never expected to be caught up....ever!

These first two were for Scrapjacked and UnPubbed. The pictures in these were taken at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville On Easter. If you ever get a chance to go there, GO! It is a beautiful Hotel.

These next two are for PencilLines. They are having a Design Team search right now, so I decided to give it a shot. The first is based on a sketch they specified. We also have to submit two others, so I used another one of their sketches for the 2nd one. I've still got to pick out one more layout to send them.

And now I leave you with two of my favorite pictures I took today. Daddy playing in the floor with his little girl and one messy eater. Look at that disgusted look on her face! LOL

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ton O' Fun!

Lots going on these past couple of days. Summer is my favorite season and it's off to a fun start. Yesterday was Alex's birthday so he had a playdate at the mall. The kid's love playing in the play area they have set up there. You can see some pics of the birthday boy over on Telah's blog.

This is Natalie's friend Nathan. He is exactly one week older than her. Nathan was happy to smile for the camera but Natalie was just too serious.

That evening we met PaPa, Alan, Kellie and the kids at Big Ed's for some pizza. She liked sitting on the table, but still oh so serious.

Yesterday was also Natalie's 8 month birthday. I had intended to take some pics of her by herself but didn't get a chance, so we took some this morning. She typically doesn't like hats on her head so I'm surprised I got even one good one of her with this hat on.

And then for the big event. Her first time in the pool! She liked the water and kicked and kicked when she first got in. In the float she kinda just sat back and relaxed without a care in the world.
But she really just liked to be out of the float with me walking around in the pool with her. She loved to splash the water. It was a big hit!

Plan on spending the evening scrapping! Check back soon for a layout update. And a big thanks to the gals at the Unpubbed blog. My "Laundry Nat" layout got an honorable mention!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Scrappin Update

I took some more pictures of my layouts. Still not completely happy with the lighting/glare but it will have to do. Any of you scrappers have any tips for taking pics of your layouts? I tried taping them to my screen door (lots of outside, natural light) but it was TOO much light. You could see straight through the paper and pic! Maybe I need to take the pics when the sun is on the other side of the house? I dunno, but I'm open to any tips!

This first layout is for the Unpubbed Challenge. Used some of the new Love, Elsie products which I love! The title idea came from my mom. Back when I posted these pictures in the lo, she called Natalie the laundry Nat. Just had to use that, it was too cute.

This second one is for One Little Word. This particular challenge site has really taken off. I think they had over 200 entries for their very first challenge! Challenge #2 was to use the word STOP. I had to give this one some thought, but it didn't take long for Colin Raye's song "In This Life" to pop into my head. Some things may stop, but my love for my husband will remain. (awwww)

The rest of these are just a mixture of things. I mixed it up and did some 12x12 and 8.5 x 11's.

The journaling for the above layout says "Andrew (one of Telah's boys) really made us laugh making faces when we were taking pictures at the Opryland Hotel. We had to take one in his honor. What a cute cheesy grin!"

One last thing I want to mention. If you are into scrapbooking at all and you haven't checked out ScrapinStyle TV, get yourself over there now! :) I'm so impressed with this site. I just can't say it enough. It it put together so well, the gallery, the forum... and the webisodes are really cute. I'm currently anxiously awaiting some exclusive product by Kellie Crowe I ordered from there. And no I'm not getting paid to say this, the site is just that great! Check it out!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cutie Pie

I had planned on updating tonight with layouts that I completed over the weekend. Got several done for various challenges. But I'll have to share those tomorrow because when I uploaded my pics of them, they were either extremely blurry or had bad reflections.

So instead I'll share some pics I took of Natalie yesterday. She really likes her bath time and that little face of hers just makes me so happy. How come a baby looks so cute with a hoodie towel on? Look at that drool!

She's ready for bed!
I do have one layout to share. This was for PageMaps Anniversary contest. They asked that we not post the layouts until the contest was over. You can see the winning layouts on their site.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!