Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bad Hair Day

I just have to share these pictures because her hair is SO out of control. After her nap today, we went outside for a little while. Our yard is very shaded, so with the nice breeze, it was such a nice day. She had her Winnie the Pooh Train and a huge ball to play with, but as you can see her favorite was the sticks. I just can't get over that hair!

Have I said how much I love this girl?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Works in Progress

I've been planning on painting some canvases for Natalie's room for a while now. It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do. She loves animals, so I decided on some jungle animals. I figured I could girly them up some. So after browsing the internet I got some ideas. I started 2 of them today. I don't have any gray paint, so I couldn't completely finish the zebra one, and then I had just enough time to start the monkey one. I can't take credit for the images, they are a combination/adaptation of several pictures I found surfing the net.

I'm pleased with them though because I had no idea I could even draw in a half way decent fashion. I've got to get a few other color paints so I can finish these and then I also plan to do an elephant and a giraffe. I hope to get them done this week.

I also have this fabric cut and ready to go for a diaper bag I'm planning to sew for Abigail. My lighting was bad, but the fabric is pink and brown.
While I was taking pics of the canvases, ms. Natalie had to be in on the action. This first pic of her was taken through the rails on one of my chairs. I sure wish the rails weren't in the way because she has the best expression on her face. Oh well it's still a cute picture!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Recap

I did a terrible job of taking pictures this weekend. Telah hosted a scrap retreat at her house on Friday night and Saturday and I didn't take the first picture. I don't think anyone did. How does that happen with a group of women that all scrapbook? I guess we were just too busy enjoying each other's company, eating lots of good food, and getting at least a little scrapping done. When we went to bed it was already getting light outside. We grabbed a few hours sleep, had a late breakfast and then a few of us scrapped until early afternoon before heading home.

All that time to scrap and here's what I got done. I work so much slower in a group!
Back on the 12th of May, I took 12 pictures to represent our day. This is the layout I put together with those pics. I used the simple journaling from my blog post that day for each photo.

And this one is for One Little Word. The latest word prompt being "think".You can click on the image on either one of those to view larger and/or read journaling.

Sunday afternoon after we got home from church and lunch, I was very glad that Natalie took a good long nap, because I ended up napping the entire afternoon also! Today we enjoyed a quiet day at home. Unfortunately John had to work because hospitals don't have the luxury of observing Holidays. I got this one page done while Natalie napped and then we headed over to my parents to cookout hamburgers.
That's about it. Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Happy Couple

I think they realized that I was going to put at least one of the pictures on my blog, but I have to share with you a couple or three. And hopefully they won't be too embarrassed, but I can ask for forgiveness later. :)

My father-in-law is recently engaged. I took these pics at the last minute as we were leaving from his house yesterday. And you can tell my FIL was being a bit silly, but I think these pictures really show their personalities and just how happy they are.

We love you both! And MeMe, we're so glad that PaPa found someone like you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Well not completely wordless because I've got a few sentences to throw in here. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Natalie spent part of the weekend with her Uncle, Aunt and cousins.
Her Uncle Alan has a knack for sharing the sweetest little moments with her. Remember this pic?

Well here's another one that Aunt Kelli sent me this morning.

She got some really good pics. I'm already planning a mini-album for them! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last night went much better with the new bed. I actually ended up leaving and closing the door while she was still awake. She got up crying like her little heart was broken, but within 5 minutes there was complete silence. I gave her about 30 minutes to get good and asleep and then went in to check on her. I had no idea if she'd be in the bed or on the floor. She was sound asleep under the covers in her bed. She woke up once at 4am this morning, but once I took her back to bed it only took a couple of minutes and she was back asleep. So a very big improvement from the last few nights.

Took these pictures this morning. She has such a sweet little face. In the 2nd one I asked her to show me her boo boo. She looks so pitiful, but that was a very brief moment, as I snapped the 3rd picture just seconds later.

This picture ended up really blurry and the profile of my face looks really strange! But here I am at 8 months.

And finally, my pages I did over the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Last Few Days..

Have been relaxing, fun, busy, stressful, and tiring all in one.

First, the toddler bed woes: These are the stressful and tiring aspects.
We put Natalie in the toddler bed last Thursday night. She absolutely wouldn't stay in it without me in there, so I figured for the first few nights I'd stay and then slowly start weening her off of needing me. It worked pretty well. She was asleep within 30 minutes. She did wake up at 2:30 am, but I took her back to bed, told her she had to go back to sleep in her big girl bed and she was out within 3 or 4 minutes. The 2nd night got skipped because she ended up going to spend the night with her Uncle and Aunt and cousins. The 3rd night she went to sleep ok, but starting around 3am we went through a cycle of: wake up, get up screaming, I'd take her back to bed, she'd go to sleep, I'd go back to bed, 5 minutes later she was up again. We did this until nearly 5am. And then last night, was almost a repeat, except the cycle started around 1am and lasted til about 3am. I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do, except just keep on in hopes that she'll adjust and stop waking up so much.

Of course one added little problem is that she didn't get her regular naps on Saturday or Sunday. Which resulted in 2 hour meltdowns on both Saturday night and Sunday night. We've NEVER had to take her out of a restaurant for acting up or to discipline her, and we eat out 2-3 times a week, but last night John had to during one of her meltdowns. She was screaming, crying, and throwing food and her sippy cup. So, now that we're back on a regular routine this week and she WILL be getting her normal naps, I'm hoping that will improve the nightime situation too.

That was the not so fun part of the weekend. Now on to the fun part.
Since Natalie stayed with family Friday night and most of Saturday, I scrapped and took it easy. John had a class he had to go to for work on Saturday, so had the house to myself. It was strangely quiet, but nice.

Then yesterday afternoon, my family threw me a little baby shower for upcoming arrival. Most of the better pics were of the kiddos. Here are a couple of pics from that.

Natalie and her cousin Julia
My Aunt and her grandbaby.
Me with my two cousins who hostessed the shower.

Two things about baby#2 I don't think I've mentioned yet: We finally decided on a name. Abigail Morgan. AND at my last doctor appointment, the C-section was scheduled for June 20th. So unless I go into labor before then, that's the day. I need to take another profile pic. I'm most definitely pregnant. LOL!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Quick Post

The stitch removal went ok. It's never fun to have to hold your child down while they cry because they just don't understand. But she did good holding her head still for the doctor, so it was over quick.

John's better. He did go on to work today, but headed to bed as soon as he had some dinner.

I on the other hand am miserable. Not sick, just miserable. I had to take my wedding bands off today after going into a panic this morning that the band may have to be cut off. The swelling is here. I can't get comfortable, I have restless legs, and for the past few nights I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions from about 5-7 pm. I'm in the last leg, only 6 weeks to go. Hopefully it doesn't sound like I'm complaining too much, LOL! It's not that bad, and could be worse.

And here's a page a got done during nap time today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick Post

She gets her stitches out in the morning. This seems like an appropriate expression. I know it won't hurt her, but I know she's not gonna be happy regardless of that.
And some pages:
All for challenges. First was for scrapjacked, lift of Martha Bonneau. Second is for Unpubbed, lift of Beth Johnson. And third is for OLW.

John is currently running 101 degree fever. His symptoms seem flu like. I thought we were past flu season??

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and 12 on the 12th

The mom's plus a granddad and a kiddo.

Had a good Mother's Day. After church we had lunch at Macaroni Grill with my family, then that afternoon I got a 2 hour nap. It doesn't get much better than that!
For my mom I did completely handmade stuff! I made her a tote and had it monogrammed and also made her card. Even though I'm a big paper crafter, I don't really do cards, so it's fun to make one every now and then.
I'm participating in a little project called 12 on the 12th. I'm supposed to have 12 pics to represent my day, do a layout with them, and do this for the next 12 months. We'll see how well I do to remember! I really like this idea, because as you'll see I got some pics of things I wouldn't normally capture with the camera.

Morning teeth brushing.

A glimpse of John's books.Pile of laundry to tackle today.
Morning cartoons and milk while waiting for breakfast.
My rose from Mother's Day on my kitchen windowsill.
Taking a peek at momma's latest CK issue.
Ode to the pile of laundry.Mid- morning Cheez-it snack.
Our only working phone at the moment.

Lunch time and yep, she's still in PJ's.
Snapshot of our counter, result of no cabinet space.

My scrap desk mess with part of a current project I worked on during N's nap.

So with a few hours left in the day, that's the wrap up in snap shots. AND I got all that laundry done!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

No More Monkeys.....

Jumping on the bed.

The picture pretty much says it all.
Last night, the three of us were sitting on our bed, Natalie was saying her final night, night to daddy, while we were putting her pj's on. Since John and I got our new bed back in January, it has been a bit of a playground for Natalie. Although it's very high, it didn't take her long to figure how how to climb up. She likes to horse play with Daddy and just generally run and jump around. She wasn't even being all that rowdy last night, but she was standing up and took a leap/fall right into the footboard. When John picked her up, I don't remember exactly what it was he said, but something along the lines of "oh no". And just by his tone I knew something was more serious than a bump on the head. Within 5 minutes we had stopped the bleeding for the most part, dressed our selves (we were already in our pj's too) and headed to the E.R.

4 Hours and 6 stitches later, we were on our way home. Although it scared both of us terribly, I am quite amazed at how calm, collected and rational we both were when it happened, to handle the bleeding and get on our way. I'm very blessed to have a husband with a calm, cool, and collected temperament. And of course it helped that he's a nurse. If it had of been just me, I think the panic would have been much more likely to come.

Today she's back to her normal self and all is well. The picture was taken this afternoon on our way home from running errands all day.

On another note, head on over to Dixie Pieces! Ms. Natalie is featured on their home page! They are also sponsoring the latest One Little Word challenge, so if you'd like a shot at winning that kit that's also on the home page, head over to One Little Word and then get to scrappin'!

Hope everyone one has a safe and fun weekend!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday Scrap Edition

Even with all the stuff I bought on National Scrapbook Day, when my kit arrived from Dixie Pieces yesterday, I couldn't wait to use it. So here's what I put together. I wanted to try really hard to just use the stuff in the kit. The main reason for doing that is because it helps me be creative and saves me time going through other supplies.

I did use an additional piece of cardstock and a few jewels, but other than that, everything's from their May kit.

After completing those 3, I called it a night. This morning, I had an idea for a mini book while snuggling with Natalie while she drank her milk. She fell back asleep, so I went ahead and got up, and got this little mini done before she was up for the day. I took one of the pieces of card stock and cut it into six 4x6 pages. I also cut the transparency that came in the kit, to cover the front and back. Added my patterned paper, punched another one of the other papers for my square accents, painted a place for some journaling, added my rub-on title and ribbon to bind the book.

I've don't think I've used even half of this kit, and I plan on using every scrap!