Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Gal

I had a specific idea for todays post, but didn't get my projects complete, so I'll have to share what I had planned another day. Just thought I'd post a couple more pictures of girly girl, mainly for the family. They get a little ancy if I don't keep the new pictures coming. :)

Had a relaxing day today. John was home, so we went to Babies R Us this morning and picked up a couple of shower gifts. Made a quick run to Wal-Mart for a few groceries and then did much of nothing the rest of the afternoon. I'm still having trouble getting Natalie to nap during the day, so I ended up taking her to our bedroom, (our curtains keep out a LOT more light than the blinds in her room) and we both ended up taking a two hour nap! I'm thinking I may need to get a black out shade for her room. Light means there's something to look at, and sleep is not on her agenda and Natalie napping = much less fussy afternoon and evening. LOL

Switching gears completely.. here's my two cents about tonight's AI. Sanjaya did the worst. Not impressed at all. Melinda is my favorite right now. That girl can sing. I also really like Haley. I felt really bad for her when she messed up her words. But she wasn't alone in that department tonight. Several of them struggled with that. Gina needs to get rid of the tongue piercing.. no wonder she had problems with enunciation. Who could talk much less sing with that in their mouth?? I like Blake a lot too. And the Fro Patrol signs for Chris were cute!


Kimberly said...

Lasts nights al you could tell they were super nervous and that they knew this was the start of the real battle. I am not happy about jungle book guy still being in the game. He needs off now!!! I really don't have a fav this year, Yet! Well, Wzyp must not know two cute girls when they see them, LOL! I guess it will be our secret. Have a great day.

Jamie said...

Glad you had such a good day yesterday. Love the new photos of Natalie. I know exactly what you mean. I have people calling/emailing when I do not update our website regularly.

Take care! Hope you can come scrap Friday night!

Cheryl Wray said...

How adorable are those pictures???!!! Oh my goodness!! SO cute!!!
I missed AI last night, because I was teaching a scrap class. But I alays read the morning-after reviews and caught some of the videos online today. Sunjaya needs to go. And I love Melinda! She's my fave right now!

April said...

Cute pics! I agree about AI. I quit watching...it was just pretty boring last night. Not a bright idea to have a Diana Ross theme night if ya ask me!

jessi said...

I love watching AI too!!! I really liked jordin..thought she did really well last night!!! I am a little cranky that snjaya actually made it this far...don't think he's that great, am I missing something???

anyway have a great night...and your natalie is precious!!

Charin said...

Hi! :) Yep, Katie's little bloomers are embroidered, my sister in law gave them to us. :)
I thought they were cute!
Have a great day!

Alissa said...

Cute pictures of my son's girlfriend. Just kidding (about the girlfriend part not about the cute part).
I'm with you about the tongue ring too! All I could think was that she wouldn't have a problem if she'd just take that thing out! If I were a singer and Diana Ross told me that I needed to ennunciate, I think that would be enough incentive to loose the piercing.

Mom said...

Now those eyes... wow!
our blued baby gone? ahhhh its been to lond since I saw my sweet Natalie.MOM

Amy Mowbray said...

Your baby is too cute! I hope the dark shade helps her nap more.

I'm so ready for Sanjaya to leave. And I agree, I don't like that tongue ring. It's ugly and distracting.