Friday, March 23, 2007

Online Crops and AppleSauce.

A big thanks to Jessi for mentioning an Online Crop this weekend at PickofThePatch. Basically what they do is post challenges on a message board and you complete layouts, post them to their gallery, play games and win prizes. I participated in three challenges for tonight.

First one was to break out the ole' decorative edged scissors.. I could only find one pair and they said straight edge could count, so I had to improvise on the third and cut wavy..:)

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Second challenge was a sketch they posted.. you just had to use the sketch as your guide.

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And the third was to use stamping. The title and ric rac are stamped. This one was my favorite.. that picture just cracks me up. She's got such personality.

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This last one I did yesterday.. it took forever to put those brads in to make the swirl, but I like the way it turned out.

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Next up is my 90 something Christmas pictures. I think they deserve an album of their own.

We fed the gal Applesauce for the first time today. She didn't seem to care for it. Just look at that face. I guess after eating rice cereal which basically has no taste, this was quite a shock. Not exactly what she was expecting.

For all those watching the NCAA tourney.. all I can say is GO FLORIDA and GO NC! They are the only teams left on my bracket. I'm dead last in my group!


sohpiasmom said...

Wow! You've been busy...I LOVE, LOVE your layouts!! The challenges they post sound fun!

She may not like the applesauce now, but I bet she will soon (it's one of Sophie's favorites)! Pictures say a thousand words...very cute :)

Jamie said...

Love that applesauce face!

Nathan James is eating rice cereal and he just tried sweet peas this past week. He likes them! Oh, and we did try prunes due to some tummy problems that he has been having.

Love all the layouts that you created. I have never participated in an online crop. Let me know when you do the next one and maybe I can "crop" at home with you.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Mom said...

Oh.. the Apples Sauce will grow on her I bet. Think how weird it taste if all you have had is milk and rice flakes... LOL its a good one. Love the pages.
later, Mom

Robyn said...

oh Leah, these pics and layouts are so cute! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

About the ink...I actually used embossing on it, that's why it's so intensely colored. I do that often you just have to do it carefully on photos and cover the portion of the pic that the hat is not on so that it doesn't warp and burn.

The Brown Klan said...

Poor Natalie and her applesauce! Keep on trying it. Applesauce is pretty sour to them at first or it can be. Kendall had the worst face with peaches though. He loves them now though. Actually he loves everything.LOL!

Hey where can I find a bigger scrapbook album than 12x12? Is it even possible? I need something that will hold a 10x13. I can't frame every single picture I get from PI, so I need to put them in an album.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Great job on your challenges! I'm not much of a "challenger"...I think pressure of it all makes me But you do a great job.

Applesause,huh? Jayla didn't like apples when she was a baby either. But maybe your daughter will "grow" to like them. Nothing worse than a picky eater...especially when they're 5!

Enjoy your week!

Amy Mowbray said...

Those brads look awesome!!! Love your layouts; you've been busy.

And don't worry, she'll be eating apples in no time!

Charin said...

The pages are so cute, and I *love* that picture of Natalie eating applesauce! Aww! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!!! Those pages look great--I can't believe how MANY you got done!! Ihave GOT to try outthe cyber crop next time.We should try and get a whole group to do it together!
Well, you got Florida in the final four at least! lol
Have a great day!!

Mandy said...

Hi Leah, I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and I'm trying to stop just lurking about, LOL. Natalie is just precious and her eyes are gorgeous! The layouts looks great as well. Have a good evening.

April said...

I see you used the new stamp you bought! I love the brad swirl!