Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Photo

It occurred to me that we don't have a family photo since Abigail has been born, so one day last week I decided we were gonna go outside and take a few.

I think I will probably scrapbook this occasion just because it will be funny to my family years down the road.
1. We weren't really dressed for the occasion. I wanted to do this on a whim.
2. John had just given himself a haircut that went awry and had to shave his whole head.
3. I didn't have a tripod
4. I'm still trying to figure out that crazy remote.

Don't we look lovely?
Here's what we ended up with:
My poor husband looks so tired.
I did get this one cute one of Abby, even if I did cut off her the top of her head.
I found some adorable outfits for the girls. So my goal for this week is to make it to the park and take some more appropriate family pics before all the beautiful leaves fall off the trees.
And I bought a tripod, so we're good to go!


Kris said...

We never found our tripod....but park benches and tree stumps work well too! LOL

You did pretty good, and yep, you NEED to scrap them--they're great!

Edleen said...

what a Beautiful family!!! you are so Blessed :)

and envy how you're back in shape too!!! :D

have a lovely week!

Kimberly said...

Too the last pic..have a great week.

Mike and Brianna said...

Oh how fun! I love that one with Natalie looking up in the sky. Yes this shoot definately calls for a scrap page about it.

~Telah said...

Those family pictures are hilarious! I like your serious expression in the first trying to figure out that remote!

Joy said...

Too funny! If it makes you feel better, I just realized that the only picture of all 5 of us is the one that I posted from the zoo. It's with a bunch of giraffe's rear ends & me with a big stain from lunch right on my boob. Hope your next try works out better, although that will make a great page in the books :-)

Heather M. said...

that first photo is totally hilarious! i love it!

love that shot of abigail - sooo sweet!