Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scrapbook Jackpot!

Almost didn't get out today, but I am so glad that we did. For some reason when you have a new baby, it seems to take twice as long to get ready to go anywhere than before. But my Christmas money was burning a hole in my pocket and today was John's off day, so we decided to venture out. First we went to Kohl's to return some clothes that were the wrong size. John found a bunch of stuff and ended up with some new shirts, new khakis and a whole truckload of socks. Now if I can just convince him to throw away all the worn out holey ones.

After finishing up at Kohl's we headed over to Hobby Lobby. Shopping here is not exactly John's idea of a good time, so he and Natalie napped in the car. I had several great surprises when I got inside. Just minutes after I walked in, they announced over the intercom that for the next 15 minutes, all Christmas merchendise would be 80% off. I was already looking over the leftover scrapbooking stuff. I went crazy! I got over $100 worth of stuff for $24. Here's my Christmas stash.-----> It consists of three huge embellishment kits, a tag kit, bunches of rolls of ribbon and four other small packs of embellishments.

And that's not all! Once I purchased that stuff, I headed back to the regular scrapbook area, and to my surprise, discovered that Hobby Lobby is now carrying Autumn Leaves stamps AND they are 50% off this week. They also had their storage boxes and Spare Parts embellishments on sale, so here's the rest of my purchase. They have a really good 50% off sale going on this week, so if John and Natalie hadn't of been waiting in the car, I probably eould have done a lot more damage than I did. Thanks Alan and Kelli for my Gift Card, I used it all up today! When I left there, I gave Telah a call to tell her they were carrying Autumn Leaves. Before the store closed tonight, I think between Telah, Heather, and our friend Amy C, they are now out of stock!

Then when we got home tonight, guess what was on my front doorstep? This thing!

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I first heard about this awesome tape runner from Amy's Blog. Then after one of my posts asking about adhesive, another blog buddy, Jolene recommended it to me. Wow, this thing is huge! I have a crop with friends on Friday night, and I can't wait to use it. I'm so glad I've "met" these scrappy ladies, becuase both of them are so creative and always have good ideas and products to share.

Well I'm headed to bed, tomorrow is my first day back at work. While I am only going back part time and also going to be able to work from home, I do have to go into the office in the morning for a little while to meet with the powers that be and discuss the details of my 'work from home' position. Here's one last picture for my non-scrappy friends and family. Isn't daddy so cute with his girl? The light from the lamp made this picture look really neat to me.

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Mom said...

Wow girl, you got some major scrap booking supplies!
Oh how sweet she looks in the picture. My sweet Natalie... grandmommy misses you see you soon. Kiss kiss
Remember what day it is?
love ya, Mom

Jolene George said...

Oh my hit the mother load of sales! How fun is that?!
You will love the mondo huge tape runner...just takes a little getting use to. Amy just ordered 12 more refills. :o) They last a LONG time! Have fun at your crop!

Amy Mowbray said...

I'll post more when I get back. I'm going to JoAnn's now.

Amy Mowbray said...

So I went to JoAnn's--they sell Colorbok stuff. None of this was there. Grrrr. Oh well. I did get some other stuff though!

Hope you like your ATG 700. I couldn't live without it!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh My . . . I'm lightheaded just looking at the stuff you bought! My friend Adrienne swears by that tape runner-she loves it! And those Autumn Leaves stamps! And all that Christmas stuf for such an amazing price! I'm seriously jealous!!
I think I'm going to head out to Hobby Lobby and my LSS tomorrow!!
Thanks for sharing! The scrapbooker in me loves posts like this!!

Heather said...

I know that Telah went for me last night...which by the way...I am thankful for! I love the new if I can just find the time to make some new projects! I want to know about that tape runner need to try it and fill us all in! Ok?
Man, now I want to run over there tonight and shop some! Thanks a lot Leah! :)

Jamie said...

Wow Leah! It looks like you did hit the jackpot at Hobby Lobby this week.

I hope to see you tomorrow evening. Are you planning to bring Natalie with you?

Oh and do you mind brining your new tape machine? I would love to see how it works.

Have a great evening, Jamie

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Natalie and Dad...the lamp behind really adds to it. Of course, all the pics of Natalie are precious!!! She is the second prettiest baby in the world!!! LOL Aunt Joycee