Thursday, March 13, 2008


Edited @ 9:16pm to add new pic at bottom of post.
I have wanted to scrapbook all week, but for whatever reason, as soon as I get Natalie down for the night, the motivation has completely left me. I even got a bunch of new supplies in the mail on Monday, but was just feeling very lazy about it once the nights rolled around. So today, while Natalie was taking her nap, I finally got a couple of pages done.

These are pics I took of her in the snow from last Saturday. Yes, we had snow that lasted until about lunchtime! March seems to be the best time of year for us to get it! This one also started out as my page for scrapjack's latest challenge, but ended up going a different direction than what I had planned in my head.

And this one is using my new March kit from Sweet Spuds. American Crafts has new glitter chipboard letters and I love them! I also ordered some pink and purple ones from 2peas. This picture of Natalie is from last May. It still amazes me how fast she has grown and changed!

And then here are the 2 I got done last Friday night at our monthly girls night.
I used April's Cricut for the word "mouse", and I think I need to do that more often! I like that you can cut the letters at so many different sizes.

One last thing to add. I'm trying out Photoshop Elements to determine if I want to purchase the software. I've learned all of one trick so far. :) Those eyes REALLY look brown now! LOL!


Mike & Brianna said...

Great pages! Love the pink and blue for the snow layout, it goes so good together. Natalie is so cute in her white coat!

amydc said...

The layout with those hot babes in Tn is da'bomb.
Natty tail is presh in the snow!

Brenda said...

Her First Snow... and you have it documented. Do you remember the YELLOW snow suit we have a picture of you in at the old house? I was so glad you got to wear it. SMILE... What a sweet angel.
Love my Family.

Jamie said...

Great layouts! I just love that group picture of all the girls. The ones with Natalie in the snow are so precious.

That is a great picture of Natalie but I think you need to work on your Photoshop skills. You made her look a little freaky with those eyes. :)

Love ya girl! Have a great weekend.

By the way... Did you get my birthday check?

Cheryl Wray said...

These layouts are all SO GREAT!!! I especially love the colors you chose for the snow one!!!!

Coleen Thompson said...

Wow, nothing has changed since I was away from your blog. Your pages are stunning as always! Thanks for the message regarding my return. I had some major complications with my pregnancy but I did wind up with one beautiful little girl in the end. I hope all is well with you and your growing family!

Jude said...

Gorgeous Los Leah! I love the first one so much!!!

Janine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... Your pages and layouts are great!!