Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daddy's Chair and Momma's Laptop

Just a quick post to share a few pics.

She likes sitting in Daddy's chair. And so does our dog. Most of the time if they are ever in it together, they coexist just fine. But I have to watch miss priss because occasionally she will try to push him out.
As far as my laptop goes. It usually sits on the end of the couch and if I ever leave it open and step back to the kitchen, you can bet when I round the corner, she'll be typing on it. And usually the minute she sees me, she jumps back like she isn't doing a thing. Oh yeah. She knows it's a no no.

One other cute thing she's started in the last week, is singing her abc's. It usually goes like this.. "a..b..c..d..e..e...e.." Or occasionally it's just e...e....e.. to the tune of almost the entire song. I gotta get that on video...


Brenda said...

I love my grand daughter so much and I am so glad you have picture of her in Nana's chair...and her and Max in the chair too. I probably have added to her interest in the laptop cause I let her look at my screen saver which is full of pictures of her mostly and some family too... she loves it and when she touches a key it goes away... and she looks like "I didn't do that" grin I love hearing her count and do her ABCDEEE's she is precious and I am NOT prejudice at all.
love ya, Mom

amydc said...

I know that little Natalie would never mess with the laptop. Neither would Priss tail Audrey.
I can't imagine her doing the a.b.c.'s. She has gotten so 'old' here lately.

Kimberly said...

Too cute...she is growing too fast. It is funny how they can get into something that fast. Lilly is the same way.

Adriann said...

How sweet! You're really having fun with your camera.

Wow...90% Conservative! No one can ever accuse you of being a flip flopper. LOL!!!

Most everyone else that posted was somewhere in the middle.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mike & Brianna said...

I love it when they sit with the dogs! Tyler likes to hug our dogs...aka squeeze them to death. She is getting to be such a big girl singing abc's...too cute!

Jamie said...

That is so funny! I am sure little Miss Natalie would never hurt the dog or mess up Mommy's computer. :)

Yes, you have to get that on video. Be sure to share it with us.

Jolene George said...

LOL! That is so sweet. You gotta love her!