Friday, December 15, 2006

Over the River and through the woods

I love this picture of Natalie. I used it for one of her baby's 1st Christmas ornaments.

Tomorrow we travel to Tennessee to visit with John's Grandma Wolfe and Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Sadly, John has to work tomorrow so he has to miss the trip. I really wish he could go, but that's just the way the schedule fell. We only see this side of the family once a year at Christmas, so I'm looking forward to it.

I made a mini-album for Grandma Wolfe. Even though she hasn't recieved it yet, since we are going up there tomorrow, I think it's safe to post pictures of it. I'm not sure how often she may visit this site, but I'm thinking she won't before tomorrow afternoon. All I did for this album was cut 12x12 bazill cardstock in half and then fold to make a 6x6 book.

I had a little trouble finding the best adhesive to use for holding the cardstock together. I've got to find something better than the small tape runners at WalMart. I hope it doesn't fall apart.

Edited to add:The lower case stamps on the front cover are a set by MSE. The BABY on front is Technique Tuesday. The phrases inside the book are printed out on vellum. I'll have to look at what font I used.. don't remember off the top of by head. And then all other stamping (swirls, flowers, etc) is Autumn Leaves stamps.


Keather said...

That's great Leah! I'm going to steal that idea when I get a few more pictures and make one for my mom and Brian's mom!

Ma C said...

Oh, I just Know Grandma Wolfe will be so proud of her little book. Its great! You make me want to scrapbook sooo bad. I'm hoping I will be able to start soon.
Hey Keather! How do I get to see your wee one? I am so glad you and Leah have kept in contact. Hope to see pictures soon.
Love you all, Ma C

~Telah said...

Great job on the book! You'll have to show me how you did it.

Heather said...

I love the book! What stamps did you use on it? Of course, I might just have to get me some of those letters....whatever they are?? Great job!!! You are so talented!

And of course, Natalie is as always adorable!!!

Mom C said...

Tell us about the visit with Grandmother Wolfe. How did she like the book?
by the way I hope I get one... and I have you one more babys first ornament from Sparkie and Jim.
later, mom c

Mom C said...

Look at those eye lashes!

Jolene George said...

That is a gift that will be treasures!
As for strong adhesive, try the scotch ATG 700. it's huge, but it holds 60 yards of great adhesive. LOVE that thing!