Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the Second Day

On Saturday, we had Christmas with my parents and brother. This is a very close up of my parents. I had a blonde moment with this picture. We needed to take a picture of them for an ornament my mother had purchased. It is a blue snowflake with a really really small circle for the picture. I told them that only their faces would fit in the picture slot because it's so small... so this is the picture I took.

Yeah, I know.. I should have taken it from much farther away so that just their faces would fit the circle. It wasn't until we printed it out on my new Epson PictureMate that I realized what I'd done. Try fitting a 4x6 of their faces in a 1 inch circle.

I thought this was a really good picture of Natalie and her Grandmother. The tree looks really pretty in the background too. I think Natalie had more presents than anyone. Her grandparents are spoiling her rotten.

We tried to get a good family photo. This one turned out ok but for some reason we couldn't seem to get the lighting right, or the mode right or whatever. Natalie had also just learned a new trick. Grandma had taught her to smack her lips, so all her attention was focused on grandma instead of looking straight ahead at the numerous flashes.

Natalie is looking at my mom in every one of the pictures we took. Afterwards we all went out to a local Mexican place for dinner. John felt it was reminiscent of the movie A Christmas Story. Who goes out to eat on Christmas unless a pack of dogs eat the turkey? It was Mexican instead of Chinese though. What's Deck the Halls in Spanish? Fa la la la la.. la la.. la la


Mom C said...

The tree really does look great in that picture.. wow.

Natalie is so sweet... we have a mutual admiration thing going on. GRIN

I really like the picute of you and John too.

ITS MY RIGHT to spoil my grandchildren
if I want to. At least as long as they don't know it.
We need to get a picture before the tree goes away.

I agree it was werid to go eat out but on the way home Dad said, well that was nice to not have the kitchen all messed up... How sweet is he?
Not a bad family picture. Love ya, Mom C

Amy Mowbray said...

What great pictures. That one of Natalie looking at your mom is too cute!

Mexican food on Christmas sounds pretty good to me!