Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great Deals and Christmas projects

Christmas is only 1 and a half weeks away! I've had several projects/Christmas gifts on my to-do list. Tuesday Natalie and I went out and spent the day at Telah's. I got one of the main projects done and it turned out so good. I will share pictures of the different things I've done, but since a lot of my family reads the blog, the pictures will have to wait til after they've opened the gifts. :)

I don't know how many of you scrappers shop at Hobby Lobby, but they often have really good sales. I'm actually afraid to add up the total amount I've spent there in the last month. Well yesterday I dropped by there to pick up two specific things. Of course I ended up buying more than those two things but I had to share this ribbon I got. Both boxes are Christmas ribbon marked 50% off. However look at that box of the bright colors! The only one in the set that's limited to Christmas is the one that says 'Cool Yule'. The rest will be perfect girly colors for scappin Natalie's pictures.

Speaking of that little booger.. she's been giving us a fit the last 24 hours. She cat napped yesterday so she was very over tired last night. She had herself so worked up crying screaming she wouldn't eat or go to sleep. I finally got her to sleep a little after 11pm last night. Any tips to getting her to sleep more than 15-20 minutes at a time during the day?? She's so pitiful when she's over tired. I don't know why she doesn't realize she'd feel better if she'd just take her naps. :)


~Telah said...

Alright...I'm gonna have to go back to get that other box of ribbon now. AND, I need you to come back and bring those stamps....I miss them so badly.

Jolene George said...

Your ribbon storage looks great Leah! I hope that sweet baby sleeps good tonight so you can get some rest.

Amy Mowbray said...

Love that ribbon. I wish we had a H.L. Actualy, I think we have one, somewheree. Love the storage too!

I have no advice for sleeping. In a few months you could let her "self-soothe.(that means let her cry it out) Sorry I can't help more; she's so darn cute!

Mom C said...

Look at that sweet baby... she needs her granny. I think the shots may have something to do with it. She was so sweet last night when you put her in the carrier and she STOPPED crying... LOL like leave me alone. such a sweet face but look at her puffy eyes... she is dead tired. Bring her to me Please.She is beter than any medicene for me.