Friday, September 08, 2006

Scrapbook Mania

On the first Friday of every month we have a Girl's Craft Night that is hosted in the fellowship area where I attend church services. Most of us seem to be avid scrapbookers, but you can also find gals making bows, sewing, and various other crafts. Some of us decided that we wanted to do a circle journal. (Thanks Amy for coming up with this idea and getting us started!)

A Circle Journal is a small scrapbook that is circulated among friends, each person creating a layout to add to the album. (hence the term "circle journal"'s passed around in a circle) Each person in the group has her own themed album to pass around, so when the rotation is finished, each person will have worked in every other person's album. My first layout was for April's book who's theme is "Quotable Quotes." I chose a few dog quotes and did my layout on our schnauzer Max. If you click the image you can see a larger picture to read the quotes.

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