Thursday, September 21, 2006

Celebrating Seven Years

John and I's 7th Anniversary is not until October 2nd, but with an expected due date of October 10th and the chance that little Natalie could make her appearance any day now, we decided to celebrate a little early. We'd tossed around a few ideas about what we wanted to do and decided to make it simple but different.

We had heard great things from Daniel and Telah about a little Italian Restuarant called Sernicola's in Cowan, TN (just a tad over an hour drive from where we live). So we decided to go on a mini-road trip and check it out. I must insert here that about 20 minutes up the road I realized I had forgotten my camera. Of course this was a great travesty to me since Scrapbooking is my favorite pastime and now that I've started blogging I don't even have pictures to share.

The drive up through the peaceful hills of Tennessee eventually brought us to Downtown Cowan. I swiped this picture off the internet. Google is a wonderful thing. It's outdated but Sernicola's is located in the white building on the far left. Cowan is a very small little community and there's not much more to Downtown than what you see here. The standard small town railroad tracks and gas station would be just to the left of this picture.

I've never been to Italy but they tell me the dining room is reminiscent of an outdoor café amidst a street in Italy. It was a very cute little place with awesome food. I had Fettecine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken and John had a Flat Iron Steak with a Blue Cheese crust. We also had some baked tomatoes that were covered in mozerella and seasonings. The BEST Alfredo sauce I've ever had.

On the way back home we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset AND had to come to a complete stop in the middle of the highway because two deer had decided to stand in the middle of the road. Not a busy highway thankgoodness, so it wasn't a problem, except that I didn't have my camera!! I could have fed the deer a carrot we were so close! Oh well, the mini trip was fun. The food was great and I couldn't have asked for better company. I love you John. Thank you for being the Christian man that you are. I look forward to many more years together.

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~Telah said...

I told you it is the best little Italian restuarant! Now I wanna go! This blog brought a tear to my eye. Happy (early) Anniversary! Love you guys!