Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Every Two Weeks and Shoooes.

I had my baby check up today. Every thing is looking good. Her heart rate was 152, so it's nice and strong. At the end of my appointment, he said I'd start coming in every two weeks and I did a double take. Are we to that point already? Wow, it really has snuck up on me. He mentioned again that I can plan on a C-section in mid-June and we'll decide on the exact date as we get a little closer. We still have no clue what we are going to name her. We don't even really have many ideas. I keep thinking some name is just going to come to me out of the blue, but that hasn't happened yet.

Over the past few days Natalie has decided she likes to walk around in my shoes. She'll put them on and repeatedly say "shoes", and then look at me to confirm that I heard her call them "shoes". Except it comes out more like "shuuuus, or shooooos". In this first pic, that's what she is saying, but I don't know why she looks so perplexed about it. LOL!

And then another one of that pretty face and eyes!


Jamie said...

Love those photos with that red dress on. So precious!

Glad to hear that everything went well at your doctor's appointment. I did a double take today when I noticed that your counter said 80 days left. I hope you are able to figure out a name soon.

Brenda said...

I so wanted a pic of her wearing my tennis shoes last week. She could barely walk in them but she was so proud of her self. Love that she is talking ENGLISH now... I was afraid we had an illegal alien by mistake. Just kidding.
love ya, Mom

~Telah said...

It is getting so close now! Cute pics too.

Mike & Brianna said...

Wow! Mid June...can't believe it's coming so quick! We still don't have a boy name so don't feel bad. Love those pictures you took! They always come out so well!

SheilaB said...

Those eyes remind me so much of you when you were little. I can still see you making so many of those same expressions.

Cheryl Wray said...

SO sweet...as always!!!

Don't you love little girl voices? SO sweet!!!

Love to hear that the pregnancy is going well.

amydc said...

Audrey does the shoe thing too. It's neat how they can do it & balance really well.

Kris said...

Little girls and shoes....what IS it about playing dress-up even so young? It's pretty hilarious when they try on Daddy's combat boots!

I know how you feel about names--if ours is a girl, we're totally stumped...but then again, with four of them already, we've exhausted all of our faves! LOL

GORGEOUS pictures, BTW!