Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Cheryl and her husband just recently celebrated an anniversary. She did a "Romantic Tuesday" post and shared some things about how they met, etc. and asked her readers to participate and answer some of the same questions if we felt so inclined. This put me in the mood to scan some of my older pictures of John and I and tell you a little bit about us.

* How did you and your husband meet?

I thank God often for the huge snow storm we had here in North Alabama in 1993. In March of all months! We just don't get snow down here, but that year we did. I was a junior in High School and I had a really good friend who was dating a guy that worked with John. My friend's boyfriend was so determined to play matchmaker and set John up with someone, so he gave John my number. If it hadn't of been for that snow storm he may have never called. He was such a shy guy and committed to his college studies 110%. Thank goodness he got snowed in and was sitting at home with nothing to do. My mother wouldn't let me go out on a date with him since I had never met him. So, I had a party and invited him to come, so that we could meet. We went out on our first date a week after that party.

* How were you proposed to?

Nothing very romantic about the proposal. I had gone with him to pick out a ring and I knew he had picked it up that day. We were standing in his front yard and he simply asked me to marry him.

* Was it love at first sight, or did it build slowly?
I definitely liked him at first sight, but falling in love with him happened over time.

* When did you get married? We got married Oct 2, 1999 after dating 6.5 years. This picture is the spring after we got married. March 2000.

* What is the most romantic gift you’ve received? I have 2. The first one is a swavorski rose that he gave during the first couple years we dated. A rose that would never die. He wrote the most beautiful poem along with it. Sadly I don't remember what year! But we dated 6 years before getting married, so hopefully that doesn't sound terrible that I don't remember what year. The other really romantic gift was on Valentine's Day of 1994. I had recently started collecting cherished teddy figurines and when I got home there was a dozen roses along with 8 cherished teddy figurines holding abc block letters spelling I Love You.

* Where did you go on your honeymoon? Gulf Shores, AL

* What words would you use to describe your marriage? Safe, loving, cherished, secure.

There you have it.. a little bit of our history. I am so grateful to God everyday that he is in my life and I thank God everyday for him and the beautiful daughter he has blessed us both with!


~Telah said...

AAWwwhhh....look how young you guys look...especially John. I can't believe you didn't tell about me going to spy on him at work to let you know if he was a stud or a dud...He He He!

Adriann said...

How sweet!!!! I love the rose gift, "A rose that never dies," how romantic...

You guys have a beautiful love story and the fact that you had the chance to enjoy one another before Natalie is like icing on the cake.

Adriann said...


That's too funny... I guess he passed the BFF test.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE that you were inspired by my post to share these sweet stories and those GREAT pictures!! You guys are too cute!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Leah, how sweet. What great stories of you and your sweetheart. Wow, ya'll dated for over 6 years? Way to hang in there...LOL.

Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

Love all those "old" pictures. You guys are too cute!

Telah - That is hilarious! So, what did you tell her?

Thanks for sharing your sweet love story!

sohpiasmom said...

Awesome pictures...aren't old photos the best?! You should definitely scrap those and show us when you're done!

gold said...

That is too sweet!!God bless you and your hubby.

Amy Mowbray said...

Yall are too cute!! Love the pictures.

Jude said...

Ah, that was such a sweet post! I love to hear how people met!!

Alissa said...

OK you are going to crack up, but I was creeped out for a bit because I was reading real fast and I thought you said you were in Junior High School instead of a junior in High School. When it said he was in college I thought, "Oh, that's just gross!" but I knew it didn't seem right so I went back and re-read it. Anyways, totally sweet story.