Thursday, February 08, 2007

My girl, and why I blog

One of the main things I love about being a SAHM is getting to see all of Natalie's "firsts". While I'm pretty sure I caught a giggle several weeks ago.. today there was no doubt. She laughed several times today when we were playing. It's amazing how exciting it is to watch her reach milestones and discover the things around her. She turned 4 months on Tuesday, and as I've said so many times before, the time just flies by.

She has really starting babbling so much lately, but it seems whenever we go out with family, she's too mesmerized by everything around her that we can't get her to talk. So I've tried to catch some video of her talking..

Jolene is having a RAK in celebration of her 1 yr blogging anniversary. So after answering her question about why we blog, I thought I would post something about it here. A year ago if you would have told me that I would be a blogger and make time to read other blogs daily I would have said, "yeah right". Especially knowing that I would have a new baby in the house. I always wondered where people found the time. But one thing about having a new baby is that you spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether it's to feed her, hold her while she sleeps, or just simply letting her play on the couch or floor while you keep an eye on her. So it's very easy to find the time with a laptop and multitask :). So why do I blog?

I'm so glad I started blogging for several reasons.
  • It allows me to share pictures of our family easily, for friends and family that we don't get to see that often. It's nice to know so many people take the time to come by and read.
  • It helps me remember the little things that go on in our everyday life and is helpful in preserving memories. One thing I do need to do is back up everything I've written. If blogger were to crash I would be so upset that I lost everything I wrote. So there's a freebie tip.. back up what you've written.
  • I have "met" so MANY people. I have come to know people all across the country (and even not in this country) through the blog world.
  • So much of my personal scrapbooking style is what it is because I am constantly inspired and motivated by so many bloggers and fellow scrappers.
So thank you to each every one of you that come by to see what's new. I love reading my comments, so if you've been just a reader up to this point, branch out and let me know you were here!


Pookiepie76 said...

Thanks for checking out my "jack" hehe. Yes, I LOVE that forces me to get caught up. Ya know?
OBTW, Your baby girl is adorable!!

~Telah said...

Loved hearing Natalie, as did Alex sitting here in my lap. He smiled and "talked" back at her. I also love the cold sore commercial on your tv in the background...LOL!

kimberly said...

So sweet. I know you had to be smiling like a opossum when u were taping that because I was. They are just so sweet and can make your day so much better.(sometimes LOL!)Just kidding! Have a great weekend.

jessi said...

those are the same reasons I blog...this is such a cool modern day version of a penpal!! Love it!! and I can't say enough how cute and adorable that baby girl of yours is!!! Have a great weekend!!!

grammajg said...

Is there anything sweeter than the sounds a baby makes!!!!She is so precious and I love reading about her and seeing her pictures! Give her a kiss from Aunt Joycee.

*fauve* said...

Your girl is just beautiful,and yesss it really does goes fast!!
Loved to read why you blog!!

Heather said...

What a cute video! She is precious! I agree 100% with your reasons for blogging. I will admit that I am addicted and love to is so fun and I have learned so much about others, scrapbooking, etc. Thanks for sharing with us!

Theresa said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. If you decide to make your DH clipboard be sure you cover it with contact paper to protect it.

Your baby is gorgeous!

Cheryl Wray said...

What a cutie pie your little DD is! I just love that age--as they're learning all sorts of new things! And what a sweet pic of her!!!
I love to blog too for so many of the same reasons! A great way to share stories and pics with family and friends, great way to inspire and be inspired by scrapbooking, meeting new friends, and just to write everyday!!!
Thanks also for stopping by and leaving sweet comments on my blog the last few days. Gary is home--yay!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

And, shucks, I wanted so bad to do the scrapjack of Elsie. I'll have to see if there's still time to do it! Love yours!!!!

sohpiasmom said...

These reasons are similar to mine! By the way, your daughter has the most beautiful, big eyes :)

Amy Mowbray said...

Oh she's soooo cute. Kind of makes me want to have another baby!

taylor said...

I know what Natalie was trying to say in her video. PaPa.