Monday, February 12, 2007

Challenges and a Personal Note

Here's my sweet Valentine baby. That is a whole lot of red! My best friend from High School was here in town this past week and she has a new baby too. Her baby Elizabeth is about 7 weeks younger than Natalie. We went to visit them briefly on Friday and then spent a little more time with them Saturday. In the picture above, I'm holding Elizabeth and she's holding Natalie, just in case you were thinking Natalie shrunk and looked different. LOL It really hits home how much she's grown when I held a baby 2 months younger than her.

Originally I had Natalie dressed in this Valentine outfit on Saturday before we left the house. I took some pictures as soon as I got her dressed and it's a good thing because she decided to poop all over it before we got out the door. I'm not a big fan of Huggies.. they just don't hold it all in... maybe more info than you wanted to know, but if you happen to be expecting a baby, that's useful information! :) Pampers are my diaper of choice. Enough about poop.. here are two layouts I did tonight. The 3week old one is for a challenge over on 2peas and the Halloween one is for pencillines.
Lastly on a personal note.. my mom is having some health issues and is going to have to have surgery in a few days. She's suffered a couple of mini strokes and they've finally found the cause. She has a hole in her heart that needs to be repaired. Your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated. The good news is that once they fix this, it should solve a lot of the problems she's been having.

I'm off to bed.. gotta quit staying up so late, but I just have so much scrappin I want to do!


~Telah said...

I LOVE, LOVE that picture of Natalie in red. You got to use that for that challenge I showed you last night! I bet you could use it for the new pencil lines challenge too. Just print that picture in different sizes, cropped differently and even in different tones...that would be SO cute! Your layouts you did last night are good too...I especially like the 'punkin' one! Our prayers are with your mom and your family!

jessi said...

how many ways can one say how stinkin adorable that baby girl of yours is??!!! such a cutie!!! and that's awesome that you got to visit with an old pal...too cool!!
great LO' the halloween one!!
And I will of course add you and your family to my prayers...all the best with your mother...and I wish her a speedy recovery!!
ciao for now!

Alissa said...

On a scrappin' note. If I need a scrap challenge I just come here and look at Leah's layouts. They're awesome!

I am really glad to hear that they found the cause of your mom's problems. I have been praying for her and we will continue to do so!

Amy Mowbray said...

Love the red. And what a great expression she has. And look at those little "shoes." How cute!

Saying a prayer for your mom and hope she has a speedy recovery.

Amy Mowbray said...

Oh, I forgot to say how much I like your layouts. I really like how you put the ribbon around the first layout. Super cool.

Cheryl Wray said...

Your layouts are great! Ilovethe Halloween one especially--glad to know someone else is a little behind (I'm currently working on a few Christmas pages!lol)
And the pics are adorable!!! How fun!
Will be thinking of and praying for your Mom! At least you know what the problem is and once this is taken care of it sounds like things will be better! So hard, though, to worry about your parents isn't it? Just always so tough!
Happy Val Day too!!

Lynn said...

I love Natalie in that red outfit. She looks so cute.

I hope that your mom will feel better soon. I know she has had a real hard time.