Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Scrapbooking.. Surprise!

They've already posted scrapjack #2. This time we're lifting Elsie Flannigan. You can see the target layout over at the scrapjacked site. I wasn't sure what I was going to do for this one, but decided on some pics of me and John. I can also use this layout as half of my circle journal entry when I get Julie's book. Her theme is "My Prince Charming", so this goes perfectly with that.

The scan of this doesn't do it justice. I think it looks so much better in person. But I had fun putting it together. This "style" so to speak, is not typically something I would do, so it's fun to try something different.

Our All night crop this past weekend was great.. a few of us went almost the whole night and finished up about 5am Saturday morning. I got home about 5:30am and I have to say, even though it was a lot of fun I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon. I need my sleep! LOL Here are a couple of my favorite layouts that I got completed that nite.
Natalie went with me to the all night crop and did really well sleeping in her Pack N Play.. of course this was after I finally put her in the dark. I had her out in the room with us, but she just wasn't gonna go to sleep with all the action going on at the crop. She likes sitting in my lap while I scrapbook. I'm training her early!


Heather said...

Beautimous!!! Is that a word? LOL
Love the scrapjacked layout! Very pretty and I can't wait to see it in person. Hopefully I can get mine finished and up in the next couple of days!
Natalies did do great....much better than my kiddos would have done! Keep those great layouts coming....and GET SOME SLEEP!!!! :)

jessi said...

greta job with the scrapjack!!! love elsie!!! and yours turned out fabulous!!! love the LO's of your baby girl...very cute!! have a great day!

Lynn said...

Godo job on those layouts. Natalie did great on Friday. She will be scrapbooker before we know it.

Lynn said...

Great layouts! Your blog is great! Have a great day!