Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Oldest. (at only 4)

Lately Natalie asks a lot of questions. And by a lot I mean 5,345,679.
She's so very curious and wants to know, well: Everything.
So herein lies my struggle.
I try to answer everything she asks( within reason and to the best of my knowledge), but this means that lately she thinks she knows it all. Which also means we've had discussions about attitude, tone, talking kindly, etc. These may seem like mature words for a 4 yr old, but she's not shy about asking what a word means until she completely understands your explanation.
So how do I find balance between answering her questions and keeping her humble?

I've often ended her string of questions with "I don't know." "we can find out later" and even, "nobody but God knows Everything". (which is usually followed by why? lol)
I'm struggling with how much info is too much and trying to train/teach her not to be a little miss smarty pants.
It's hard.
The kid is so smart.
She listens so well.

Overheard in the van:
(on the way to Mothers morning out - ironic much?)
Nat- Mommy , there's a big truck beside us. Let's pass it.
*Brief pause as truck is passing us.*
Nat- (excitedly) pass it pass it
Mommy- we can't pass it sweetheart.
Nat - why not?
Mommy- because he's going faster than us.
Nat - well go faster and pass it.
Mommy- we can't pass him Natalie.
Nat- why not?
Mommy- because mommy has to follow the speed limit.
Nat- well why isn't he following the speed limit?
Mommy- I don't know baby, that's something we'd have to ask him.
Nat- how are we Gonna do that?
Mommy - How are we gonna do what? (thinking the convo was over)
Nat- how are we gonna ask him why he's not following the speed limit?
Mommy - (stifling a chuckle) We can't baby. We can't.
Nat- but mommy you just said we would have to ask him, so how we gonna do that while we're driving?
Mommy- We're not. Were not gonna be able to ask him. Sometimes we just don't know why people do stuff.

And if I have this conversation wrong or left out any part of it; if I read it to her- she'll be sure to let me know.

Lord, give me patience. But I need it right now. :)


Rose in Bloom said...

Hehe, sounds like my oldest! I got so tired of answering questions sometimes! That will slow down a little when she starts school. Enjoy this time when she thinks you have all the answers! Now my daughter asks her friends first. I would suggest you keep going like you have been. Sounds like you are doing a good job. :) Hang in there!

Cindy Colley said...

I say, go Natalie, go!! (sorry, Leah). But this is sooooo Deuteronomy 6. You are getting God's very bet opportunities to teach her of God right now. It's when they wake up, when they are standing, when they are sitting around the house and when you are walking by the way ( the van.) So i know you can't always do this, but when you are can find the brain (between three kids and all your amazing artsy handiwork, your house, your husband, laundry, etc..., etc..., make sure you plug God into every conversation. The truck thing, for instance...The real reason we can't pass, of course, is that we are Christians and the Bible tells us to follow the law. So we WILL not disobey God. "You know, Natalie...I guess that man must not be a Christian. I sure wish we could get a chance to talk to him about the Bible." Sometimes, while it doesn't put an end to the "why"s , it at least makes really productive time of the endless regime. Caleb was EXACTLY (I mean exactly) like this. I know how you feel. But you are doing a great job with your three and we are sooo proud of you! (Oh...and btw, it will not get better when she goes to school if you do not send her! ...You will just keep having more and more of those wonderful teaching moments and you will be the ONE who gets to answer her questions...I think I am pushing it here, but isn't that really what you WANT? =)

Cindy Colley said...

... and if you are her teacher one day (as you really already are), be a better proofreader than I was above. =)

I also wanted to say that she will not be a little miss smarty pants if you are injecting God into all the convos, as I know you are. When God is in the picture all the time, the attitude will work itself out, albeit sometimes with great consternation and patience. I love you!

Virginia Carden said...

I don't know if this will help or not, Leah. But sometimes, with my kids, I learned not to give short answers. Example: At a gas station, Child: What's Daddy doing? Me: Putting gas in the car. Child: What's Daddy doing? Me: Putting gas in the car. Child: What's Daddy doing? Me: He is putting a liquid called gasoline in the car. A car has to have gasoline in order to make it go. There is a tank that holds the gasoline. Daddy is taking a hose connected to the tank and hooking it up to the car. The liquid gasoline goes from the tank to the car. That makes the engine run so that he can drive the car. Child: (Silence) That is close to the real conversation, which taught me to expand my answers to my curious kids. And I agree with Cindy's answer, of course!