Friday, March 18, 2011

At 7 Months

Seriously? 7 Months already? *sigh* My little man will be a teenager before I know it! :)

At 7 Months he is:

*Finally eating cereal and baby food like a champ. It took him a bit to warm up to cereal and baby food. He just wasn't all about it the first few weeks we started giving him some. But now he loves it, unless it's green. In which case, I mix it with some fruit and sneak it past him.
He eats Apple sauce mixed with rice cereal in the mornings, and either a fruit or veggie mixed with cereal in the evenings.

*Not sleeping through the night consistently yet. I *try* to get him in the bed by 8:30. Sometimes it's closer to 9:00. Typically he sleeps about 7 hours. Sometimes 9. Sometimes he's up every 2-3 hours until morning. Like I said, not consistent yet but we're getting there.

*Is so close to sitting up on his own. Just this week I put him in the boppy and he sat up by himself for a few minutes.
*Is in total awe of his sisters. He watches EVERYTHING they do. And if he's not where he can see them, but can hear them, he'll nearly breaks his neck trying to see/find them.

*Will not nap unless you hold him. Occasionally he'll nap in his car seat if we're out and about. And, just this week he's fallen asleep in his swing a couple of times. But as a general rule, he wants to be held for his naps and he wakes up pretty much instantly if you try to put him down.

*I always thought John was the only boy who would steal my heart. But I was wrong. :)
Love you sweet boy!

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