Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Etsy Finds

If you're not familiar with etsy.com let me just say that it is a great site for ordering all things handmade. It's a great site for small business owners specializing in different crafts to sell their things and set up a shop via online commerce.

So I made a couple of fun purchases today that I thought I'd share.
First I bought this cute little hat from THIS SHOP.

Can you tell I'm really looking forward to taking newborn pictures of our upcoming arrival?

My other purchase actually hasn't gone through yet.. I'm waiting on verification that the seller can customize it the way I have in mind. For Mother's Day I really wanted a hand stamped necklace with the kid's names on it. But at that time, we hadn't picked a name for baby boy yet. We now have a name, so I'm placing the order for this:

Ok.. so this isn't the one I'm ordering, mine will be a little different and obviously have 3 tiers with Natalie, Abigail, and Jonathan. I just thought it was cool that I found this one with my girls names on it, so I'm using it as a sample. :) The one I'm ordering will most likely be coming from THIS SHOP.

So if you've never been to etsy, it's a really fun place to shop. It's like the biggest craft show you've ever been to!!


Squirrel said...

Hi Leah! I LOVE that charm.
How are you doing? Missing you!
Rosey x

Brianna said...

Those are adorable! I have been looking at those necklaces too! Maybe next mothers day :)