Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday!

Today is not the norm for us, and our Easter plans for the most part have been postponed. Both girls are sick now. Abigail's much better, but she gave her cold to Natalie and they both are coughing and have lots of congestion. So.. we stayed in from church today, and John is working, so we're having Easter dinner with my parents and grandparents later on this week.

The Easter bunny did come last night.. I hid the baskets because I knew Natalie would be up before me, so we went on a search for them when all 3 of us got up.
Aside from the candy, here is their loot.

(Side Note: I haven't blogged about the couponing that I've started doing, which is a whole 'nother blog post. And while most of what I've been clipping and saving on, are groceries and personal care items, I did manage to score a deal here. I got both Zhu Zhu pets for about $1, and got both Toy Story 1 AND 2 on DVD for $3.50 ea.!!)

Natalie's face when she saw The Princess and The Frog in her basket..

Sisterly love..

Abigail getting excited over some Jelly beans..

Abigail liked the hamster, but not so much when it was running toward her..

So.. we are watching movies today and playing with our new pet hamsters. I'm so glad they are the kind that don't have to be fed.. or cleaned up after.. :)
Happy Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

If and when my Camera does show up again I have that pic of her at the Theater of the ad... ohhh surely it will show up. rats.. or hamsters grin. Love you My foot is better but bed rest today for me... got up to show George how swollen it was today with bandage I am to wear... come on 19th... My love to you all.

Anonymous said...

look at this???
Abigail Vaughan Coffell
I found a Jared Coffell and ask to be his friend and got this tonight.. obie