Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Recap

It's been a busy few days, I actually started this post last night but a sick little girl took priority, so I'm gonna make this quick and try to let the pics tell the story.

Friday we took Natalie to the Botanical Gardens. The flowers there are so pretty.

This time of year they have a butterfly house, which is where we spent the majority of our time.

Looking at the turtles:

That afternoon, John's younger brother came in from out of town. We hadn't seen him since just right after Christmas, so we spent some time hanging out with family and then going to dinner.

In the above picture, she is carefully observing from a distance, this baby bird.

I spent Friday evening scrapping with friends and on Saturday, Telah, Kim, and I celebrated National Scrapbook Day with a road trip to Scrap, Etc. (Yes, there is a National Holiday for Scrapbookers. ) We all spent too much money, and now need to get busy using all the stuff we bought.

When I got back into town, I went to get Natalie at my Mom and Dad's and that's when the real fun began. (The following may not be for the squeamish). On the way home, just maybe 2 minutes from our house, Natalie started throwing up. This would be my first experience with this and her first time being sick like this. I never in my life would think her little stomach could hold what all came out. There was lots and lots of raisins mixed in (I warned you this was gross lol), so I immediately assumed she had just eaten way too many. Got her home, stripped down, in the tub, car cleaned out, car seat cover in the wash, thinking how well I handled all of that. It's amazing how you go n autopilot when it's your own kid. Anybody else and I would have been puking right along with them. Then I realized she felt really hot and discovered she was running fever. So Saturday night and Sunday were spent taking care of a sick kiddo. She is doing much better today, so now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that neither John or I get sick.

Happy Monday!


amydc said...

Poor little Natalie. I hope she feels better soon & that all the puking is over.

Mike & Brianna said...

I'm so sorry that Natalie got sick! I will be praying that you and John don't get it, it's no fun! Glad you had fun on NSD!

Kimberly said...

Had fun with you guys on Saturday! Glad Natalie is feeling better today. Looks like you got your pic of Natalie and John in the big chair...cute! Have a great week!

Jude said...

Sorry she is sick Leah!! I have been there with the puke in the car... yuck! I love the new picture of you two on the butterly, so cute! :)

Brenda said...

I am so glad to hear Natalie is doing better. I don't think I have been so concerned about her in her life. I think she cried so pitiful that we put her in bed with us on Friday night... see we had to... just kidding I know you know best for Natalie... she just needs to get here in time to realize where she is before we stick her in the hall away from us all. a true Grand Mom
love ya, GM

Cheryl Wray said...

Love all of the pics. The one in the big chair is cracking me up!

I hate that Natalie was so sick. Hope she's doing better today!

Jill Deiling said...

beautiful and fun pics! it sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend! :)

Jamie said...

Just catching up on some blog reading. So sorry to hear that Natalie was sick last week. That is definitely no fun!!