Monday, May 19, 2008

The Last Few Days..

Have been relaxing, fun, busy, stressful, and tiring all in one.

First, the toddler bed woes: These are the stressful and tiring aspects.
We put Natalie in the toddler bed last Thursday night. She absolutely wouldn't stay in it without me in there, so I figured for the first few nights I'd stay and then slowly start weening her off of needing me. It worked pretty well. She was asleep within 30 minutes. She did wake up at 2:30 am, but I took her back to bed, told her she had to go back to sleep in her big girl bed and she was out within 3 or 4 minutes. The 2nd night got skipped because she ended up going to spend the night with her Uncle and Aunt and cousins. The 3rd night she went to sleep ok, but starting around 3am we went through a cycle of: wake up, get up screaming, I'd take her back to bed, she'd go to sleep, I'd go back to bed, 5 minutes later she was up again. We did this until nearly 5am. And then last night, was almost a repeat, except the cycle started around 1am and lasted til about 3am. I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do, except just keep on in hopes that she'll adjust and stop waking up so much.

Of course one added little problem is that she didn't get her regular naps on Saturday or Sunday. Which resulted in 2 hour meltdowns on both Saturday night and Sunday night. We've NEVER had to take her out of a restaurant for acting up or to discipline her, and we eat out 2-3 times a week, but last night John had to during one of her meltdowns. She was screaming, crying, and throwing food and her sippy cup. So, now that we're back on a regular routine this week and she WILL be getting her normal naps, I'm hoping that will improve the nightime situation too.

That was the not so fun part of the weekend. Now on to the fun part.
Since Natalie stayed with family Friday night and most of Saturday, I scrapped and took it easy. John had a class he had to go to for work on Saturday, so had the house to myself. It was strangely quiet, but nice.

Then yesterday afternoon, my family threw me a little baby shower for upcoming arrival. Most of the better pics were of the kiddos. Here are a couple of pics from that.

Natalie and her cousin Julia
My Aunt and her grandbaby.
Me with my two cousins who hostessed the shower.

Two things about baby#2 I don't think I've mentioned yet: We finally decided on a name. Abigail Morgan. AND at my last doctor appointment, the C-section was scheduled for June 20th. So unless I go into labor before then, that's the day. I need to take another profile pic. I'm most definitely pregnant. LOL!


Mike & Brianna said...

I hope bedtimes get better for you. It's good that you are starting now before baby gets here. I'm sure she will get used to it in these next few days! Love the name Abigail!! Very cute! Can't wait to see her!

Jamie said...

Sorry about the meltdowns and bedtime woes. I hope it gets better.

Glad you had some time for yourself this weekend. That must have been so nice.

Kimberly said...

Hopefully Natalie gets use to her big girl bed soon...I think we are gonna try Lilly in hers in a week or so. I hope she gets the hang of it.

Mandy said...

I love the name you picked...that is too cute!

Good luck with the new bed.

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my...the getting used to sleeping in the bed all by themselves was a real struggle with McKenna (she didn't sleep through the night alone until she was 3!!! those were tough days!) The two other girls were better, though, so you never know how it will go. But i think you are using the right strategy; she'll get it!

Love the name. Are you going to call her Abigail? I think that's so pretty and would great with Natalie.

Charin said...

Katie's been having some meltdowns this week too...must be something in the air! lol :)
Love the name you picked out!

The Brown Klan said...

Love the name. Abigail was in our girl running and will most likely be the next baby's name if a girl, so I'm a little biased to that one.

I hope things get better with Natalie and her bed.

CS said...

I love the name. Wish I could offer advice about the toddler bed but we waited until Toser was almost tall enough to fall INTO his crib to make the transition (a bit easy but very embarrassing to admit). AND I would love to see you and Telah. We have therapy on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings but are free any other time. You guys pick a time and we'll set the date!

Robyn said...

Leah honey, I could TOTALLY send you some cotton deserve it! Send me your addy!

Kris said...

Eww, bedtime woes....NOT fun. Neither are the resulting daytime woes! This too shall pass!! It is so much easier with older sisters in the Abigail won't have it quite as hard as Natalie is now, if they share a room! Nothing like having company!

Keep consistently putting her in that bed, and eventually, she'll get the idea!

ONE MONTH LEFT to go, girl!!! Woohooo!!!!

Vikki said...

Oh the meltdowns woes...I can empathize with you very well! Congrats on the scheduled birthdate...hang in there, June 20 will be here very soon. Mattie will be 5 on June 22! I love the name you picked out! Best Wishes!

Jill Deiling said...

fun photos!! I looove the name abigail, it's so pretty! so exciting that your due date is so soon, wow!!

Briana said...

I love the name you've chosen!

Would it help Natalie to bring her to pick out a new stuffed animal friend to take with her into her new big girl bed?