Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Quick Post

The stitch removal went ok. It's never fun to have to hold your child down while they cry because they just don't understand. But she did good holding her head still for the doctor, so it was over quick.

John's better. He did go on to work today, but headed to bed as soon as he had some dinner.

I on the other hand am miserable. Not sick, just miserable. I had to take my wedding bands off today after going into a panic this morning that the band may have to be cut off. The swelling is here. I can't get comfortable, I have restless legs, and for the past few nights I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions from about 5-7 pm. I'm in the last leg, only 6 weeks to go. Hopefully it doesn't sound like I'm complaining too much, LOL! It's not that bad, and could be worse.

And here's a page a got done during nap time today.


Jamie said...

Glad to hear the stiches got removed.

Sorry to hear about all the prenancy aches and pains. I swelled a lot more with Nate than I did with the other 2. Maybe it is a 2nd child thing. It should be cooler today so maybe that will help.

Please let me know if I can help you out with anything. Do not hesitate to call or email me. I will even watch Natalie for you one afternoon while you rest or just have some time for yourself.

Heather M. said...

That layout is so sweet! I love the colours and that title!
I hope you feel a bit better the rest of the week! It's hard being pregnant some days, especially with a little one to chase after!

Cheryl Wray said...

It's hard for me to believe you only have six weeks left. Wow...time has flown by!! (Got any name ideas yet? :-) i will have to think of some for you. lol)

LOVE that layout!!!!

Jude said...

can it really be only six weekd left??? Wow! I hope you can get comfy soon, maybe even start swimming??? I loved that!

Brenda said...

Oh, i am so sorry your swelling more. Want me to come get Natalie or come over for a while?
I am so glad she is enjoying Pooh! I loved him and Elmo when I saw them. LOL She is a cutie.
love ya, Mom

~Telah said...

Like that page. I've noticed so many more buttons on your pages...Ha Ha. Looks great!

I know you are feeling miserable. I still remember that feeling. And then 3 months later, I think, was that just the other day or has that much time passed by already. Weird!

Breanne Crawford said...

that layout is totally cute! love the sanding on the letters! and 6 more weeks! how exciting! but sorry it's taking it's toll on you!

Charin said...

Cute page Leah! :) :)
You aren't complaining too much! I remember how miserable those last few weeks are...and just when you think you can't take *one* more day your little one will be here :)
Take care of you!

amydc said...

Sorry babe.

Sherry said...

love this pooh page! you're doing some beautiful work.

sorry about this discomfort. I'm sure you're already counting your blessings - like "at least I won't be very very pregnant during the horrid heat in July/August!"