Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Progression of the Kiddo Group Pic

If you have kids, especially more than one, and you ever try to take posed pictures of them, you know it's not usually an easy task. I snapped a handful today and while they're not perfect (perfect being defined as everyone looking at the camera with smiles on their faces..which face it..probably won't happen all too often anymore ), they sure make me smile.

If Jonathan could say "help me". I'm thinking he would. It's just written all over his face.

*Oh wait* *Don't take the pic yet* *Somebody's got an itchy nose!*

Again with the "help me". Sorry little buddy. With these 2 as big sisters. It will be the story of your life.. hehe

Hair pulling 101 - Lessons in defense mechanisms for little brothers.

Look! Everybody's looking at the camera! No wait.. Jonathan's going to sleep.

"No, I'm awake Mom" But just barely!

I love these kids so much. The past couple weeks I've heard, "You've got your hands full." from a lot of people. And yes, it's true. But so is my heart. :)

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