Thursday, February 04, 2010

Conversations with a 3YO.

At Bedtime:
Natalie: Mommy, I want to sing the song about the 12 sons.
Me: You mean the one about the 12 tribes of Israel?
Nat: Yes!
(So we sing song..which is simply listing all 12 names, set to music)
Me: Do you remember who their Daddy was?
Nat: Jacob!
Me: Very good, and who was the son that he gave the coat of many colors to?
Nat: Joseph! (brief pause) And mommy, his brothers threw him in that thing.
Me: Yes, they threw him in a pit because they were jealous.
Nat: But that wasn't very nice..
Me: No, it wasn't. They ended up selling him as a slave. But it was ok, because God was watching over him.
Nat: What's that word mommy? What does slave mean? Is that like the thing that Santa rides in??


Kimberly said...

To cute! The things kids say!

Aaron and Erica said...

How funny...she is adorable!

vcarden said...

Love it!! Too precious!!

Anonymous said...

What a good pic of our Natalie! I want a billfold size please and one for my flashing pic frame.

I love you Leah, What a good Mom you are for the grand kids and (I bet John had something to do with it too.) I have a Godly pride in you all.

Kids say the funniest things and she is so pure and trying to understand so much at one time. Her numbers her letters and her love for her sister and her upcoming brother/sister... She is my first and that makes her special but then there is Abigail and she has a personality that is beyond Natalie. WOW what a gift God has given us. Thank you LORD. Please Take care of the unborn baby and give Leah energy and feeling good, and strength for John to be there and filled with peace and wisdom. Thanks for teaching them about the Lord. Love Mom/OBIE