Sunday, October 12, 2008


The highlight of our weekend was the family birthday party we had for Natalie. It was so much different than her first birthday because she actually knew what was going on. A couple of days before, I was talking to her about it and telling her that it was only a few more days until her party with cake and ice cream. And she said, "AND presents?" and I told her "yes, AND presents." :)

We started out the evening at our favorite pizza place. Between Natalie and Abigail, everybody stays pretty entertained.
Before heading back to the house we went to PaPa and MeMe's new house. This picture of N with Uncle A and Aunt K cracks me up. Love that she has her hand on Uncle A's knee.

We then headed back to our house for the real fun with presents. We laughed so much at her as she was opening her gifts. She got so excited jumping up and down. One present she even jumped up and down, threw her hand in the air making a fist and yelled, "I Love it!"

Notice the crossed arms in this one....

We also dressed her up in her Tinkerbell outfit, which was just way too cute. Birthdays with a 2 year old are definitely more fun.

And I had to do this layout just right after I took these pics of her on her actual birthday because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

We love you Natalie! So glad you had so much fun!


Edleen said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Beautiful Girl! love your Tinkerbell outfit!!!

you've got Beautiful Girls there Leah :) have a good week!

Anonymous said...

What a great B'day party for our Natailie, We enjoyed it so much. Her Tinkerbell out fit is so cute. i know Christmas is gonna be so much more fun for her this year... Can't wait.
love to you all, Mom

Nnairda's said...

How cute! Time goes by so fast. Love the LO with the owl!!


Mike and Brianna said...

Love all the pictures, she is such a cutie! I agree, birthdays are more fun with 2 year olds!

amydc said...

She's so cute in her Tinkerbell costume. That was the perfect shirt for the perfect layout. What a little planner you are!! :)
Happy Birthday again to
'nappy nat'.

Heather M. said...

awwww, love all the photos and that darling LO! looks like you guys had a great party!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie!
I love the Tinkerbell costume!

Cheryl Wray said...

Looks like a FABULOUS party!!!! You have GOT to do a page with her in her Tinkerbell dress. Those pictures are great!!