Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing Catchup

Random things post:

Since my last post I have had several sleepless nights. The colic continues; however it does seem to be getting better. She actually slept in her crib last night after just a short period of crying. So that's pretty much it for the last four or five days.

Random #1 - On Saturday I did get a chance to do a layout. A few weeks back Scrapping the Music featured a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. I loved the lyrics and again realize how fast my children will grow up. So I wanted to use them on a page.

You can click this link to see the story behind the lyrics. I didn't realize it until after I did the page, but this family lost their 3 yr old daughter in a car accident just a few months ago. He wrote the song much before that, so it takes on a whole new meaning for what their family has been through.

Random #2 - On the day I went into labor with Abigail I finished up the canvases I had started for Natalie's room. I finally got pictures of them today and now I just need to hang them up.

Random #3 - When Natalie gets up from her nap, her hair is out. of. control. Today I got evidence.

Random #4 - Abigail is already changing so fast.

Random #5 - She's already pinned her sister in their first wrestling match.

Happy Monday!


Heather M. said...

That just sucks about the sleepless nights... She's growing fast so hopefully she'll outgrow the colic quickly. Helayna was colicky and it was so hard. Thinking of you!

I love that beautiful layout! I got Stephen Curtis Chapman's CD with that song on it for my bday and that song makes me cry every time. I love that you used it on a layout!

Mike and Brianna said...

I love those canvases! They are very cute. I hope the nights get better for you, I'll be praying. I really like the picture of Abigail on dad's shoulder.

amydc said...

I think that is one of my favorite layouts. I love the monkey canvas.
It just makes me smile.
Glad the nights are showing improvement.

Michelle B said...

Is Abigial on formula or are you breast feeding? I just know that Owen had terrible colic. I was losing my mind as he cried day in and day out starting at week 4 and by week 6 it was just getting worse and worse. Finally a friend recommened this formula, Similar Alimentum. It is very expensive but worth every dime. Once I put Owen on this formula he was a different baby. Good luck!

Michelle B said...

sorry I can't type! Similac Alimentum! You can find it at walmart, target...

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear about all the sleepless nights!

Love the canvases. They turned out really cute.

Jude said...

oh my word... Abagail looks so beautiful in those close-ups! I love the one of her in her daddy's hands, and on his shoulder... so sweet!! That SCC song is great, and yes, their loss was horrific.

Briana said...

I hope you start getting so sleep soon.

Even with crazy hair, Natalie is still so pretty!

Sara said...

You've got 2 BEAUTIFUL little girls! LOVE the canvases--so so COOL! Beautiful LO of Daddy & the baby!

Edleen said...

i hope you've been resting well :)
your Girls are Gorgeous!!!

love that LO!
and her messy hair...cannot beat those Beautiful eyes of hers :)

have a fab weekend!