Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tidbits from Today

  • This pic pretty much describes our day today. Lazy and dazed. I can't get over how worn out I get doing the simplest of tasks. (Like walking from one end of the house to the other, or just taking Natalie to change her diaper). Side note: She has peepee'd in the potty twice this week! I really don't want to complain because so many more things could be making me miserable, it's just taking me by surprise because I wasn't this way at all with Natalie.
  • We've been attempting to leave the TV off a little more, rather than just having it on just for the sake of it. Some days we do good, others we don't. One thing that I have noticed is that when we leave it off more Natalie will ask to watch her Elmo videos occasionally which she never did before. So that's what's she's doing in these pictures, watching Elmo's world.
  • We can tell Natalie to kiss baby Abby and she'll come lift up my shirt and kiss my belly. I managed to get a shot of her doing that, but I don't really think you can tell that's what she's doing.

And here's another shot of the mammoth belly. :)


Heather M. said...

I still can't get over how awesome you look!
Love, love, love the photo of Natalie and her toes and the one of her kissing your belly! Helayna does the same to mine too - it is so cute, hey?!
Hang in there these last few days/weeks (can't remember your exact due date). Thinking of you!

Brenda said...

What precious memories you have to share with her as times goes by. YEP, you have dropped and continue to grow. But that is all good and normal.
I just remember you and your BABY (your brother Jared) and how ancious you were to hold him. That seemed to keep you from feeling left out and absolutely NO jealousy over the baby. Of course there was 3 and a half years differance in your ages but Natalie is so in her baby doll I think it will go great. And there is alway g maw take up time with her at first to bring her into the acceptance of a baby in her life. She will be fine.
The pool looks like something she will enjoy very much.
The days are counting down...any day now. woooo hoooooo
later, Mom C

The Brown Klan said...

You are so close Leah. Hang in there girl. You look great!

Mike & Brianna said...

Love that picture of Natalie's toes! Too cute! I was more tired during this pregnancy too...I think having a toddler to look over might have something to do with it :) and plus Natalie is getting up early isn't she?

Kimberly said...

Love all the pictures..they are so sweet and are great memories!

Edleen said...

you look Beautiful Leah! love the photos of Natalie, what a cutie! :)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Natalie is such a cutie! I've always loved the intense looks on her face.

Oh, the Elmo I (don't) miss them, LOL. Jayla would watch them back to back to back. I was SO glad when she FINALLY put a Lego in the VCR. What a good girl! :-)

Leah, you look AWESOME!!! I can't believe you're almost done with this pregnancy. Again, you look great. Have a great weekend.

~Telah said...

You weren't this tired with Natalie because you didn't have a Natalie to care for! LOL Hang in are almost to the end..or should I say beginning?!

Veronica said...

I hear ya...when I keep the TV off Ethan will ask to see Clifford.

I love that pic of Natalie kissing the baby. :) AWWW you make me want another!

Oh and you are so stink'n cute pregnant!

amydc said...

Little Natty tail is keeping you on your swollen toes!