Monday, January 07, 2008

2008 and a new Lens.

2008 is here, and as I think about all that needs to be done over the next 6 months, I get a little overwhelmed. But, I know that if I take it a little at a time and set a good pace, it shouldn't be so bad.

Here's what's on our agenda for the next few months.
  • Prepare our bedroom for new furniture. John and I's Christmas present to each other was a new bed and dresser. We have been sleeping on a full wave water bed since we got married. It wasn't easy to get in and out of during the last stages of my first pregnancy and wasn't possible while recovering from a C-section (so I slept on the couch for the first week home.) I've been ready for a new bed for a while, so we finally made up our mind to buy one and this (the bed and dresser): will arrive at our house in about a week. So we've got to clean out and purge dresser drawers, decide what furniture is going where, etc.
  • Completely clean out and purge our junkroom aka Natalie's future bedroom. I would show you the before picture of that, but I think I'll wait til we have it done and decorated for Natalie, so it's not quite as embarrassing. There is mounds of paperwork and files to go through and lots and lots of other knick knack junk.
  • Paint Natalie's new bedroom
  • Find 1 or 2 tall bookcases and baskets/bins to organize all of Natalie's toys and books
  • Move her new toddler bed and other furniture into her new room
  • transition Natalie into the toddler bed
  • Transfer "stuff" from the nursery to her new room
  • Prepare nursery for new baby
It actually doesn't look too bad all written out, but knowing that I have a lot of other organizational projects on my list that I'd like to get done in the midst of everything else, makes me realize we are going to be very busy.

On another note, I used some of my Christmas money to buy a new lens for my camera. I know I am going to love this lens. It makes it so much easier to take crisp clear pictures in indoor settings. Here a just a couple of my faves.

It also takes great close ups. I can't wait to play some more!


Alissa said...

Love the new lens. The pictures are great!

Jamie said...

I think yours, mine, and Telah's sites are all starting to sound the same. Take care of house stuff, move babies into new rooms, etc... :) It is so nice to be sharing these same "transitions" with you guys.

Tell us more about the new lens. I have been wanting one too!

~Telah said...

First of all, I love the bedroom furniture that you picked out. It's good that you have started this list now, since you have a few months to work on it. I feel like I've put off too long and now have lots to get done in a short amount of time.

The lens seems to be really cool...those are great pictures!

Kimberly said...

Hope you get all your to do stuff done. And the pics of Natalie are so good. Have a great week.

Cheryl Wray said...

Those are such great pictures!!!!! Love that middle one of Natalie especially!

How exciting to get new bedroom furniture!!

Hey...I LOVED your idea of the Top 10 layouts of the year, so I "stole" it and posted mine. (Although it's back a post or so!)

Jude said...

SO jealous of your new lens!! My camera takes the worst indoor no flash shots!! Your new ones of NAt are adorable. Hope the new furniture arrives soon! :)

Mike & Brianna said...

Love the bedroom furniture! That will be nice. Looks like the lens is doing great. The pictures are awesome! I need to get a list going too of the stuff that needs to be done around here. Can't wait to see pictures of Natalie's new room.

Mandy said...

The bedroom furniture looks so nice. I'm jealous, LOL, I have been wanting a new bed for a while.

Great pics of Natalie! What kind of lens did you get?

Rock'nmama said...

aww I love those pics of Natalie. Love the new bed set and I have that lens. It's awesome!

Happy New Year girlie...hope to hear about you guys more often.