Monday, April 16, 2007

Catching Up

Sometime last week sweet Cheryl nominated me on her blog for a blog award. I was then supposed to pick 5 great blogs and post about them. Thanks so much for the shout out Cheryl! So now it's my turn. First let me say that I read a LOT of blogs. I looked in my favorites to get a ballpark figure and it's over 50! I couldn't believe it was that many. So choosing 5 was not an easy task. So here goes.

1. My best friend Telah and I started blogging about the same time. She has a wonderful family with some super cute kids. I talk to her just about every day without fail, so it's not as if I don't know what's going on in her life but I just love reading her blog. She's the one that got me into scrapbooking and her pages always give me inspiration.

2. About the time we started blogging, Telah found a scrapbook room that someone had posted on their blog. She immediately shared the link and we both have been hooked to Amy M's blog ever since. This woman is the master organizer. She is so creative. She finds the coolest stuff and is nice enough to share it with her readers. If you need some organizational motivation, pay her a visit. Pay her a visit anyway because she's a great scrapper too and has so much neat stuff on her blog.

3. Joleen has an awesome scrapbook room also. She has just recently moved and it amazes me how organized and together her new house already is. She has a small store of a scrap space and it just makes me wish I was close enough to "shop" there. LOL She has 5 boys, one serving our country in Afghanistan. It has been such a joy to get to "know" her family and their crazy/busy everyday life.

4. This avenue of blogging has allowed me to connect to people all over the U.S. AND even Canada. Which brings me to Jessi. She is just a fun gal. Love her sense of humor. She too has some very cute kids and is always an inspiration because she can put together some really great layouts.

(are you sensing a pattern here? Almost all the blogs I read are scrappin gals!)

5. My 5th blogging girl is a woman that's going places. She is quickly becoming a scrapbooking celebrity. Mrs. Karla Dudley was recently featured on Scrapjacked, and her work is becoming very widely known in this arena. She is a wonderful artist. And her kids seem to always be getting into some kind of mischief, which she always seems to capture on film. Life with a little boy and twin girls has got to be crazy.

So there they are.. just 5 of the MANY blogs I read.

I'll leave you with this cute picture and a couple of layouts. On Friday we went out to eat and while John was trying to eat and hold Natalie at the same time, she decided she wanted a drink of his water. She has a pretty good grip too!

Last Friday night was our monthly scrap night with the gals. I'm currently mainly working on my Christmas pictures. I completed about 5 pages but this one was one of my faves. The pictures look so much better in person. And then the second layout is one I did tonight. I had to try out my new stamps from Michael's. I just recently discovered that they have mini packs of acrylic stamps for $1. The flower is from one of those packs.


~Telah said...

Since we are tag-teaming with the comments tonight, I thought I'd go ahead and leave one here. Thanks so much for the blog award...I'm honored! :) Great layouts...I didn't see that one of Natalie and your mom. I like what you did with the second one too. I'm gonna have to lift some of that.

jessi said...

You are too sweet!!! gotta say I love my bama girls!!! I am totally honored that you think my blog is something worth reading and the fact that you have called my mindless babbling it!!! thanks!! I have loved getting into this blog world for similar has allowed me to "meet" people like you and telah...and let me tell ya...I am coming for some of that cooking you girls blog about one day!! no joke!!!

thanks again Leah...okay...moving on to another stream of babble...I love that amazing how quickly they want to grow up!!! and your Lo's are beautiful!! I am starting to feel a little rooked with the MIcheals up here...we don't get any of that cool stuff!!

have a fabulous night!!!

jilly said...

Hi Leah! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your work - I'll be sure to pop in again!

Jude said...

I LOVE that picture of Natalie with the glass. What a great shot! I will have to go check out a couple of the blogs you mentioned that I didn't know. Oh, you had asked about that picture I halfed... I literally just ripped it in half! I am so techinical!!LOL... :)

sohpiasmom said...

Very how you talked about those 5 blogs! And the layouts are just awesome!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those layouts are GREAT!! I really love the squares of pp on that last one! I love going to Michael's and seeign what sorts of dollar deals I can find!
Love your list of blogs!! I read them all except Karla's. She's now added to m ylist! LOL

Amy Mowbray said...

Awwww. You're too sweet.
I can't get over home fast Natalie is growing up.
She's going to be a great scrapbooker someday!
Cute layouts. Love the stamping. I checked my Michaels and they were sold out of the stamps. Grr. Those darn scrapbookers.

gold said...

Cute layouts.The baby is soooooo cute!!!

Amydc said...

I think you get your great scrapping & blogging inspirations from your good friend Amy. :)
Keep up the good work!

Jolene George said...

Boy did you ever help to change my mood today! Thank you so much for that. I can't believe you counted me as one of your 5. What an honor! I'm always amazed that people are actually interested in what I blog about.
I love the picture of Natalie drinking out of a glass and the layout with the squares is my fave!
Thanks again sweet friend!

Kimberly said...

That is so cute...stuffed with love. I love it. Have a great day!

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a great list of 5. Now I have even more great blogs to check out.

Your LO's are too cute. I love pink...or is it that I just love little girl LO's??? That settles it...I love them both :-). Your daughter is so cute!

Jamie said...

Love your top 5 list. I did not see your layouts the other night. They look gret!

Hope to see you tomorrow.