Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bring on the sandman

One thing that Natalie seems to love to do is fight sleep. The strange part is when we go somewhere during the day she sleeps like a rock in her car seat for hours at a time. I even took her with me to scrapbook with the gals last Friday night and she slept for 5 hours! However when we are at home the past week or so, she doesn't sleep during the day for more than 15 or so minutes at at time. I really can't complain though because she does well at night once she initially goes to sleep. If she's gonna stay awake, I absolutely would rather her do it during the day.

Well today was another one of those days she wouldn't nap. She won't just sit for long either because she gets so tired she cries and wants to be held. So, this afternoon I decided I'd put her in her car seat and lo and behold she's been asleep for 2 hours. I was able to scrapbook some although I probably should have done some chores around this house. Guess I need to get the little girl up.. if she sleeps too long it will be a long night!


Amy Mowbray said...

She's such a pretty girl. It's great that you got together with the girls for some scrapbooking. Wish we lived closer.

Jamie said...

I am glad you were able to scrap this afternoon. I am also glad that you are able to get some rest. We have not slept much around here these past few nights.

~Telah said...

Must be a magic car seat! Have you seen that Bumbo seat on Jamie's site? Cool thing!