Saturday, October 28, 2006

3Weeks Old

Doesn't she look cute in green? This outfit is a size newborn, but even some of the newborn clothes we have for her are too big. I'm sure though, that it's only a matter of days before we'll be wondering how she ever fit into the really small stuff.

She's a little bit small for the swing, but making a headrest out of one of her blankets helps some. She did like it and it put her right to sleep.


Jamie said...

So sweet! I just love babies in green.

Our little guy is 4 weeks old today and I cannot wait to scrap some layouts for his baby book.

Have a great weekend!

Ma C said...

Oh How cute she looks. She looks bigger in the picture. I am so glad you are putting up pic every few days. 3 weeks wow, the last three before her birth seemed they would never pass. NOW she's here. I love you Natalie. Ma C

Ma C said...

I did it. Got may name in that is. I am no longer anonymous. Grining in my rocking chair, Ma C

The Smith's said...

Such a cutie!