Monday, June 13, 2011

And So You're Three

You were a Friday the 13th baby. But it was as far from unlucky as you can get. The timing was just right even though you weren't supposed to be born for another week. That head full of dark hair was a sharp contrast to your born bald older sister.

*Your Birth Day

*One Year Old

*Two Years Old

And now sweet girl, you are 3! You are my girlie girl. You love to sit with me while I put on my makeup and pretend you are putting on makeup too. Your favorite color is pink, with purple a close 2nd. You love to dress up as pretty much any Disney princess and then you must be called by that princesses name. (Obviously :0) Currently Rapunzel and Ariel are your favorites, but Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora are just as good, it just depends on the day. For the most part you won't wear any pajamas unless they have princesses on them.

You are so very close to being potty trained. I just have to remember to ask you to try to go all day long. If I forget to remind you, we almost always have an accident. I was hoping to have this nipped in the bud by your birthday, but it's ok, you're doing good.

You are a bit of a drama queen. :) If you can't find your waffle blanket or your sippy cup you tend to have a meltdown. Little fusses with your sister over toys cause these meltdowns too. Soooo emotional. Sorry babe, you get that from your momma. :)

You love to be silly. You love knock knock jokes, especially telling them with/to daddy.
You love to sing. You love to color.

You love your big sister. You copy a LOT of what she does. You say a LOT of what she says. When I ask simple questions about lunch or drinks, etc., a lot of times you wait to see what she's going to do before you answer. Or you change your request to match hers.

You are a joy to our lives and we love you SOOOO Much! Happy Birthday Abigail!!


Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my is such a sweet comment to remember about Abby's 3rd birthday!!! Aunt Joycee

Kimberly said...

She is such a sweet girl! I hope she had a very happy birthday!