Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Top 12 Pics

As I start this post I realize that picking one picture from every month is an impossible task, but I'm going to attempt it anyway. And it's so hard because I took roughly 9,000 - 10,000 pictures in 2009! Good thing I've resolved to only scrapbook my favorites!! And I'm already predicting that these will mostly be of the girls.
OK, here we go.

*January - This picture is a result of some "practice" for a Valentine shoot I was gonna do of the girls. I didn't get Christmas cards out for Christmas of 2008, so I decided to send a Valentine's Card instead. My cousin let me borrow this vintage quilt of hers. This isn't the one that made it onto the card, but it's a fave.

*February - This is the one that made it onto the card.

*March - Abigail is the spittin' image of her daddy..

*April -Natalie was in my cousin's wedding in April and was an absolute doll in her white dress. This was one I took before the wedding. I just need to learn some better photoshop skills and take my dad's hand out of this pic.

*May - I didn't take many in May for whatever reason, but htis one makes me smile.

*June - My baby turned one!

*July - I have a whole host of favorite from this month because I took a series of pictures of the girls that I totally fell in love with, but since I'm picking just one..

*August - We went to the beach with my family in August, and I never posted any of the pics from that trip. I've printed a bunch of them out, so they will probably show up in scrapbook pages on here over the next few months. But this one stands out to me. I love that I caught this expression on my Dad's face.

*september - Is there really any explanation needed for this one?

*October - This month is impossible to choose. I took two separate fall sets of pics of the girls that I LOVE. Natalie turned 3, we went to the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, had a family photo shoot on Grant Mountain, and Halloween. Just in October alone my pic count is 700! But here is my fave from Natalie's birthday.

*November - I love catching the two of them in simple interaction.

*December - Another impossible month because of the sheer quantity of pics I took.
But because of the sheer happiness and fun these two were having, it takes the cake. So there you have it. I VERY quick glimpse of 2009. Happy New Year everyone!
Come back tomorrow for a very scrappy post.. January Sussie Reveal and my first challenge reveal with Scrap Whispers.

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Elizabeth Bailey said...

Love all the pictures! I need to go through my year and post some on my blog. Hey, if you send me a copy of that beautiful April picture I can clone out the hand in a few minutes for you. =)