Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Abigail

On Saturday. we celebrated Abigail's 1st birthday. Little Miss Serious wouldn't give me a smile when we first started the celebrations.But when it was time for cake, she knew something was up.

At one year old she :
  • says mama, dada, and baby, although I'm not sure she knows what she's saying other than just repeating after us.
  • crawls EVERYWHERE and is into EVERYTHING and has just started pulling up on anything in sight.
  • eats anything we'll give her. This girl is not picky at all.
  • has two bottom teeth.
  • plays with big sister pretty well as long as big sister shares.
  • weighs about 18lbs
  • usually takes 2 naps a day
We had a great time at her party and I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the family. We're so glad you were able to share the day with us!


Brianna said...

Happy Birthday Abigail!! Looks like you had a fun time!

Anonymous said...

She also says Uh Oh too. Grin sweet girls... love them so much.
later Obie

Jude said...

I love that her shirt says "her royal highness is 1." I need one of those!! LOL. :)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, Leah, is Abigail a year old already?? Boy, that was quick! She's such a cutie.

And Natalie...oh my goodness, I can't believe how much SHE has grown! I love her hair :-).

Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Wray said...

These pictures are just PRECIOUS!!! My faves are the ones of Abigail and her cake!!