Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Latest

Just a quick post to share a couple of pictures and give an update. We've had some pretty days, so we've been to the park and the playground a couple of times. We had a busy day yesterday, we went to eat lunch with Obie and G-pa, then went to feed the ducks and fish, and then I had a quick photo session with my cousin's baby. You can see those pics on my photo blog.

Here's wild haired Abby!
My cousin's grandmother was there at the photo shoot with her dog, which Natalie loved!
That's the latest. It's supposed to be rainy the next few days, so it looks like we may be stuck in the house for a while!

Also.. some of the family wanted to see more of the wedding pictures that Natalie was in. You can view those here: My Facebook Album.


Cheryl Wray said...

These are SO cute!!!

Edleen said...

Beautiful shots! :)

Cali said...

Very cute pics! Thanks for sharing. Were those taken by you or a professional photographer? Do you have their page by any chance?