Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mini John

Chillin' at home today for the most part.

Braved a big grocery shopping trip with both girls in tow.

Nat did so well riding in the back of the buggy, playing with the canned goods.

Watching Inaugural coverage for most of the day.

Currently watching Super Why DVD. Guess who requested that.

Now this one; Is such a mini John. I wish I could sketch a slight beard on her face.
That would be funny. To a select few anyway.

Cooking a big pot of veggie soup for supper.

That about wraps it up around here.

Happy Tuesday!


Brianna said...

Hehe...she does look so much like him! Veggie Soup sounds so good on this cold night!

K said...

Yummy...sounds good..served with grilled cheese sandwiches!

Joyce said...

I made soup today, too!

Kelli said...

Her little expressions crack me up!!

Cheryl Wray said...

SO SO cute!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

She is ADORABLE!!! Such a sweet face!