Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothing to Blog

I have nothing to blog about. The scrapping I've done this week is for the October reveal at Sussies, so I can't share that just yet.
I have some layouts and a mini book that I need to get done for this week's assignments at the Nook. They are due tomorrow night. Yikes!

We've been hanging out at home pretty much all week.

I do have some video to share. This first one is Abigail, just a few hours ago.

And then, here's Natalie at the exact same age.

Some days I think they look just alike and others they don't look alike at all!
What do you think?
edited to add: wow what a difference in video quality. The one of Abigail is with my Flip. The one of Natalie was using the video option on my old Kodak point and shoot.


Mike and Brianna said...

Very cute. I can see a little difference in the two.

Jude said...

wow, that is a huge difference in video!! Bet you are so cute with your accent!! "Smmmiiiille" heehee!! Both girls are absolutely adorable!!