Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Photo Overload

We had 5 days of Christmas, starting last Friday night. These are some of my favorite shots from the week. I am still struggling with figuring out my camera. I've probably said this before but I don't like the look of the built in flash. It washes everything out. But the problem without the flash is blurriness, bad lighting and shadows. Some of these pictures fall into those categories, but I still think I got some good pictures.

I bought Digital SLR photography for Dummies the day after Christmas, and have spent some time trying to understand how all the different settings work, so I can take better pictures. So I practiced today with Natalie. She is learning how to really ham it up for the camera. Todays goal was to conquer the blurriness. I took these in Manual mode, so even though the lighting is bad in, Natalie is not a blur.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday! 2008 is almost here!


Dawn Bibbs said...

HiLeah, looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. That's GREAT!!!

You and that camera are too funny. Ok, ALL of us and our cameras are too funny, lol. I have a point and shoot and I still can't figure out what the heck I'm doing. I'm come to the conclusion, that as long as I capture the moment/memory (or some semblence of it), my mission has been accomplished. What a cop out, huh? HEE HEE

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

~Telah said...

You can really tell a difference between the first pics you took and the ones you took later in manual mode. Keep trying, you'll get it figured out yet.

Kris said...

It's amazing how complicated the simple stuff is sometimes, isn't it? For the life of me, I can't get a decent Christmas morning picture, flash or not! OH well...yours look great anyway, and hey, there's always photo editing! I just LOVE that big red hat, she really favors Grandmommy in that hat...wonder why?

BTW....once you've gotten past the shock of having two, it's not so bad. There was almost no transition for us bringing Dani home! Kinda funny when we look back at it...

Brenda said...

The worst ones are great to me. Grin

love the red rocking chair. I do agree she is learning to smile at the camera. FINALLY!
wish I had taken more with my NEW camera.
love ya, Mom

Mike & Brianna said...

So cute! Love the pic with Natalie with the red hat!