Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Scrapping

I know I've said it before, but I just love all the scrapping challenge blogs that are out there. They help me so much with ideas and keep me motivated to get pages done. Every single page I did over the weekend was for a challenge. So, here they are.

One Little Word:
Latest word was "new". Natalie has a new tooth, so this was the most obvious thing I thought of for this.

Scrapjacked: The target layout had a picture that was cut out. I liked the way this turned out, it looks like she is sitting on the ribbon on the page.
The Goodie Box: This months challenge was to create a summer layout. These are the pictures from Natalie's first time in the pool.

PencilLines: They provide a weekly sketch for you to follow. One of my favorite scrapbookers, Stephanie Howell, was the designer for last week.

Unpubbed: This particular challenge blog reveals a "famer" and they challenge you to create a layout based on one of the famer's favorites.
We went swimming today at my Brother-in-laws. Their apartments have a nice big pool. With it being a weekday, there was no one there and it was really nice having the pool to ourselves. This was the first time that John got to go with us and see Natalie in the pool. That's my nephew, Taylor in the 4th pic.

I just love summer!


Adriann said...


I'm always amazed at how many pages you can knock out in a week. Maybe I should start doing the challenges as well. I absolutely love Dream Big. The colors are great and it does look like Natalie is sitting on the ribbon. Great job! Summer is my favorite time of the year!

Anonymous said...

What a great set of pages. You are such a good Mother, My fav is dream Big she is so cute in a hat... I think I will be looking for her a new one. Glad John got to be with yall today. glad Lil Tay was able to be with you. Keep on scraping.. I love it. Thanks for sharing your precious little one with us. She is just growing so much.. glad you got that FIRST Tooth shot.
Love ya, Mom

Charin said...

Love these new layouts! :) You did a great job on them :)

Jude said...

You are rocking the challenges!! These all look amazing, and the pool shots are adorable, as always!

sohpiasmom said...

Your challenge layout are AWESOME!! I love challenges too! And really cute swimming pics!

amydc said...

Whoever took the pics for the "my star" layout is da' bomb!

Mike & Brianna said...

You are doing an amazing job on those layouts! I love them all! Also love that picture of Natalie with spiky hair in the pool...Too Cute!

Amy Mowbray said...

Love your layouts! You always get so much done. I'm amazed.

Oh yeah, I like the new picture of you at the top. Cute!

jessi said...

wow look at you go!! I am lucky to get the olw ones done these days!!! that pool looks very refreshing!! wish we had one in our apartment block!! LOL!!

I share your sentiment...I love summer too!! have a fabulous night!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Popping in real quick here at the beach!! LOL I just LOVE your layouts here. The Scrapjack is my favorite!!! Too cute!!!